Ubitus collaborates with Yuga Labs to stream the "Apes Come Home" event, showcasing metaverse interactions via cloud technology.

On February 29, 2024, Ubitus supported Yuga Labs in hosting the "Apes Come Home" event, drawing global participants to engage in a unique metaverse scavenger hunt powered by Ubitus’ cloud gaming technology.

The event, held in the Otherside universe where most attendees experienced their 3D avatars for the first time.

Participants explored Bored Ape Island, engaging in interactive activities such as taking virtual selfies and socializing over digital beers.

This unguided exploration allowed for spontaneous interactions within the vastly expanded virtual environment, offering an unparalleled level of freedom in digital engagement.

Notably, Ubitus utilized its GameCloud technology to facilitate this intricate event, enabling seamless participation without the need for high-performance hardware.

This technology effectively removed geographical limitations, allowing thousands of players from different continents to join the event simultaneously with minimal latency.

"By supporting Yuga Labs for the 'Apes Come Home' event, we are demonstrating our capability to deliver large-scale, interactive digital experiences globally," commented Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus. "Our cloud solutions not only connect communities but also significantly enhance the accessibility of immersive metaverse events," he added.


In summary, Ubitus emerged as a key player in cloud and AI technologies, providing versatile solutions across various sectors.

The company’s robust cloud gaming services and extensive game library cater to a diverse clientele, facilitating AAA gaming experiences across multiple platforms.

Company's successful execution of the "Apes Come Home" event shows its commitment n the field of digital content streaming, paving the way for future innovations in interactive media and metaverse applications.

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