Simbian, stepping out of stealth mode, announces an oversubscribed $10M seed investment to develop a fully autonomous security platform.

The recent funding round, led by Cota Capital, Icon Ventures, and other AI and security-centric investors, will advance Simbian's GenAI security co-pilot.

This initiative aims to integrate AI-driven security across IT environments, enhancing coverage and accelerating response times for security teams.

Following the funding announcement, Simbian’s GenAI-powered co-pilot is aimed to transform how security tasks are managed. It learns from user behavior to autonomously handle complex challenges, enhancing the system's overall effectiveness.

Aditya Singh from Cota Capital elaborates,

“At Simbian, our goal is to merge human and AI efforts, allowing security teams to focus more on strategic tasks.” He pointed the importance of adaptive security automation as threats become more sophisticated and dynamic.

Simbian's approach to B2B security processes has earned the endorsement of 15 business leaders, including Olivier Pomel and Diogo Monica. They praise the platform's ability to simplify and enhance how security teams operate, providing customized recommendations and actions that adapt to the specific dynamics of each IT environment.

Adding to its innovative offerings, Simbian has developed a patent-pending system, TrustedLLM, designed to mitigate common risks associated with GenAI models, such as data privacy breaches. The system also ensures a secure link between user commands and AI-driven security actions, facilitating safer automation of complex security tasks.

Furthermore, Industry experts Sergey Gorbunov of Axelar and Dave Gruber from the Enterprise Strategy Group have commended Simbian’s strategic push towards an autonomous security future.


In summary, Simbian's recent seed funding makes a key milestone in the cybersecurity sector. The company is set to automate a wide array of security tasks, positioning itself to reshape B2B security management. By equipping teams with AI-driven insights and actions, Simbian is leading the transition to a new era of strategic, autonomous security operations.

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