, renowned for its AI calendar applications, today unveiled Smart Meetings, an innovative tool designed to automate the scheduling process for teams.

This first-of-its-kind AI solution optimizes meeting coordination by considering time zones, availability, and priorities, catering to the needs of remote, in-person, and hybrid teams.

The launch follows a study by Reclaim involving 1,300 professionals, which revealed that the average worker spends nearly 15 hours weekly in meetings, with up to three additional hours managing schedules.

"Our users are eager to collaborate more effectively," said Patrick Lightbody, co-founder and CEO of Reclaim. "Smart Meetings removes scheduling as an obstacle, enhancing the quality of interactions and significantly boosting productivity."

Smart Meetings offers features like AI auto-scheduling, real-time rescheduling, and priority boosts, which adapt to calendar changes and ensure that meetings occur without disruptions.

The tool also supports hybrid teams with features like native conference room integration, seamlessly adding appropriate meeting rooms to schedules.

"In the modern workplace, efficient scheduling is crucial," Lightbody added. "With Smart Meetings, companies can save significantly, with a 100-person company potentially saving up to $600,000 annually on time otherwise lost to scheduling conflicts."


In summary,'s Smart Meetings is set to transform how teams manage their time and coordinate efforts. By automating and optimizing scheduling, Reclaim not only enhances individual productivity but also fosters better team dynamics and business outcomes.

As companies continue to navigate the complexities of modern work environments, tools like Smart Meetings prove essential in maintaining connectivity and efficiency across various working conditions.

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