Regardless of you being a buyer or seller, or an investor or a trader, to achieve  paramount benefits through your crypto portfolio, you must always be aware of the price of your cryptocurrency. Even if you possess a few hundred dollars in cryptocurrency, you might want to know when its price rises or falls.

That is where crypto price alerts come into play. There are several apps in the market that allow you to quickly set up price alerts to be notified when a coin reaches a certain price target or changes in value by a certain percentage, assisting you in learning when to buy and sell.

The prices of your favorite crypto coins such as ether, bitcoin, etc. fluctuate regularly, which means that the price you see in the morning may not be the price you see in the evening. Keeping in line with the theme, here are our picks for the best real-time Crypto price alert apps for Asians in 2024.

1. TradingView

TradingView is an all-in-one platform for traders and investors in forex, futures, and cryptocurrency. It offers a dedicated section for cryptocurrency where you can get the best overviews for prices and traded volumes for up to 200 cryptocurrency assets, as well as the ability to integrate the data with multiple technical indicators.

You can receive email notifications, visual pop-ups, audio signals, PUSH alerts, and webhooks while using the mobile app. While the basic features are offered for free, setting up price alerts and curating a list of your favorite coins or tracking your portfolio requires you to sign up. TradingView offers premium plans that are well-suited for seasoned investors and traders.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • It offers in-depth market analysis and research.
  • It allows the testing of trading strategies with simulated trading.

2. CoinStats

CoinStats is an all-in-one crypto price alert app for both Android and iOS that allows you to track your crypto portfolio, buy, swap, and stake your assets, and get in-depth profit and loss analysis. It also allows you to set up customizable price alerts for cryptocurrency prices on specific exchanges.

Moreover, it is one of the few platforms on the market that supports all major crypto platforms and DeFi protocols, and it can track everything wherever you keep it. It also supports over 20,000 cryptocurrencies.

Beyond price alerts, CoinStats also offers a simplified user interface and live portfolio tracker that makes it extremely easy to  navigate for beginners and occasional investors.

Key Features:

  • Portfolio tracker that shows you your gains and losses, asset distribution, and equity history.
  • Offers real-time prices and market data tracking of apps available for iOS as well as Android.
  • News curation feature that keeps you up-to-date on the latest cryptocurrency news and developments.

3. Crypto Tracker by BitScreener

Crypto Tracker by BitScreener is one of the best crypto price alert apps that is backed by one of the top crypto market and portfolio tracking websites, BitScreener. It keeps you in the loop with real-time info on 10,000+ coins across 200+ markets like Binance US, Bitfinex, and many more.

It also has an advanced crypto screener builder tool with 100+ criteria to help you find the best coins to trade. You can use criteria such as market cap, crypto price, volume, Reddit subs, Twitter followers, and more. You can also filter coins by sector or category, such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Decentralized Exchange tokens (DEX), Metaverse, and more. Additionally, you can also set up crypto alerts to be notified when certain conditions are met, such as when a coin reaches a certain price or when its volume spikes.

Key Features

  • Android and iOS devices are supported.
  • Provides a diverse range of crypto assets to choose from.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface. 

4. CoinGlass

CoinGlass is the next crypto tracker app on this list. The platform provides global users with accurate tracking and real time updates in the cryptocurrency market. The main feature of CoinGlass is that it provides comprehensive cryptocurrency derivative market data, such as price trends, cryptocurrency futures trading volumes, open interest, funding rates, liquidations, options data, and so on, using multiple data analysis methods and technical means, and it allows users to customize indicators and strategies.

The app is available for all major platforms including Android and Apple devices and is managed by professionals with experience in quantitative trading and data analytics. The app has a friendly and easy-to-navigate interface that allows you to set up multiple filters and conditions to track the prices of your favorite coin or crypto derivatives.

Key Features:

  • Offers extensive tracking features for the crypto derivative market.
  • Easy to use and set up push notifications.
  • Free to use Android and iOS apps.

5. CoinGecko

CoinGecko should be your go-to crypto price alert app as it is known for its extensive and unbiased market data. The app is a powerhouse for crypto enthusiasts as it offers price tracking, push notifications, portfolio tracking, news, support for multiple languages and many other tools that help you gain insights totally for free.

Stay ahead of the market with over 10,000 cryptocurrencies that can be tracked across 900+ global exchanges, mark your favorites, and get real-time price updates all through the CoinGecko crypto tracking and price alerts app. The app also lets you personalize your homescreen with custom widgets and set all tracking insights to be displayed right on your screen.

Key Features:

  • There are over 50+ currencies and 25 languages to choose from right rom their free Android and iOS apps.
  • Track live prices as well as profit and loss from trades for over 10,000 cryptocurrencies across 900+ exchanges.
  • For trusted exchanges based on liquidity, scale of operations, and technical coverage, consult CoinGecko's proprietary Trust Score ranked crypto exchange list.

Crypto Pro

Crypto Pro is a price alert app that helps you stay on top of the cryptocurrency market. With Crypto Pro, you can set up customizable alerts for cryptocurrency prices on your favorite exchanges. This way, you will be notified immediately when there is a spike in price, volume, or trading activity.

The app is  useful for traders who need to make quick decisions. By setting up price alerts, you can be sure that you will never miss an opportunity to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at the right time.

Crypto Pro also offers a variety of other features, including a portfolio tracker, market statistics, and news curation. This makes it a one-stop solution for all your cryptocurrency needs. If you are looking for a powerful and reliable price alert app, Crypto Pro is the perfect choice for you.

Key Features

  • Import all your portfolio and trade straight from exchanges for automatic sync.
  • Set up customizable alerts for cryptocurrency prices on multiple exchanges.
  • Get notified when there’s a spike in price, volume, or trading activity through their iOS  apps, android still under development.

7. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is a well-known application for tracking cryptocurrency prices. It includes an ICO calendar, which allows investors and traders to identify the next cryptocurrency to go viral in the market. The app facilitates push notifications and custom price alerts for your favorite coins and tracks your investments completely for free.

There is information about each digital currency's current market cap, price, 24-hour trading volume, circulating supply, the percentage change in value over the previous 24 hours, and a seven-day price graph.

Key Features:

  • It is completely free to use.
  • Support for both Android and iOS.
  • Provides comprehensive listing alerts.


There are  plenty of crypto price alert apps in the market, it is crucial to choose the one that fits your requirements the best. Trustworthiness of the app is definitely very important, but so are other factors like the features they have, how systematically the data is arranged, etc.

Our list of the 7 best real-time crypto price alert applications is a list curated with all these factors in mind for your added convenience. Before choosing the app that’s best for you, make sure to consider all the key features, pros and cons, and then decide. 

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