Today, VeriFast, a pioneer in AI-powered Verification-as-a-Service, announces partnerships with real estate technology startups including Leasey, Cove, RealSage, and Rentatee, adopting VeriFast as their comprehensive verification solution.

These partnerships streamline and secure the verification process for tenants and borrowers, making it simpler and more reliable.

By integrating VeriFast's robust API, these platforms offer a quick-to-deploy, customizable solution equipped with round-the-clock support from both human and AI resources.

Furthermore, the move aims to improve the verification experience, providing secure and effortless identity and financial checks.

Cove CEO Adyan Tanver praised the partnership, noting,

"VeriFast's APIs transform complex financial verifications into simple, actionable processes. Their support team's dedication is exceptional, making our integration smooth and valuable." The sentiment shows how crucial VeriFast's technology is in supporting fintech innovations within the rental market in Canada.

Carlos Leal, founder of Leasey.AI, highlighted the strategic benefits of the integration,

"Partnering with VeriFast allows us direct access to verifiable data, enhancing our tenant screening processes and helping mitigate fraud risks effectively." This integration boosts Leasey.AI's capabilities, allowing for a more thorough assessment of tenants directly on their platform.

RealSage’s founder, Zain Nathoo, also commented on the benefits of this partnership,

"Our collaboration with VeriFast strengthens our ability to make informed, data-driven decisions, further securing our services against fraud and enhancing the tenant verification process."

Tim Ray, VeriFast’s CEO, noted the broader impact,

"Our goal is to offer a digital, equitable verification process, reducing real estate fraud and ensuring data privacy and fairness in algorithmic decisions."


In summary, as the real estate sector faces ongoing challenges with fraud and evictions, VeriFast's recent partnerships are providing essential tools to help property management companies avoid significant losses. These collaborations are set to transform property management by enhancing security and improving the efficiency of tenant screening processes.

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