Overworld, an innovative game studio, has secures $10 million in seed funding. The financial milestone, led by Hashed and supported by The Spartan Group, Sanctor Capital, and Galaxy Interactive, aims to fast-track the development of a unique multiplayer RPG.

Company's game, also named Overworld, will feature a rich, cross-platform fantasy universe, integrating traditional gaming with the latest in digital collectible technology.

Jeremy Horn, the COO of Xterio and a seasoned games industry strategist, heads the Overworld project.

"We're building an expansive world that values player input and leverages digital ownership," Horn shared, highlighting the game's commitment to a player-first approach and innovative use of Web3 technologies.

With Unreal Engine 5, Overworld promises a third-person 3D action RPG experience. The game aims to set a new standard for RPGs by offering a visually stunning universe where players can engage in epic adventures and everyday stories.

It targets an alpha build release for consoles, PCs, and mobile devices, striving to match the quality of top-tier RPGs.

The game's development team includes industry veterans from Epic, EA, Sony, and Ubisoft. Their collective expertise is guiding Overworld towards becoming a major player in the RPG genre.

"Our goal is to fuse engaging gameplay with meaningful digital collectibles," Horn continued, commenting on the game's dual focus.

Overworld's recent NFT collection, "Overworld Incarna," points the game's potential in the Web3 space. This collection ranks among the most successful in terms of revenue and market presence, reflecting the community's enthusiasm for the game's digital assets.


With its $10M seed funding, Overworld is on track to redefine the RPG landscape. By integrating Web3 digital collectibles into a cross-platform gaming experience, Overworld aims to offer a new level of engagement and ownership to players.

As the game progresses, its blend of rich storytelling and innovative technology promises to captivate a diverse audience of gamers and digital collectors.

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