OneTrust, a key player in trust intelligence, has launches platform updates to aid in the governance of artificial intelligence (AI), ensure the responsible use of data, and streamline compliance with enhanced automation.

These new features are tailored to assist customers in managing the complexities of AI advancements and the growing volume of data in today's digital world.

Blake Brannon, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at OneTrust, points the challenges organizations face with data management.

"Our updates are designed to help organizations leverage their data responsibly and innovate within the bounds of compliance," said Brannon.

This initiative aims to position OneTrust as a solution provider that enables businesses to effectively scale their operations and trust programs.

The platform's new features focus on automating governance processes, enabling organizations to more efficiently meet regulatory requirements and manage risks.

Notably, the updates include AI Governance Automation Rules, which simplify the creation of governance actions without the need for developer input, and integrations with AI platforms like AWS SageMaker, AzureML, and Google Vertex to ensure seamless AI governance.

OneTrust has also introduces AI Risk Assessments to help organizations navigate compliance with various AI risk management frameworks, providing a clearer understanding of potential risks and how to mitigate them.

Additionally, the platform has updated its DataGuidance experience with AI-powered regulatory intelligence, making it easier for teams to stay informed about the latest in data privacy and compliance.

These updates reflect OneTrust's commitment to empowering organizations to manage AI and data with confidence, ensuring that operations remain secure, compliant, and aligned with user expectations.


With these latest enhancements, OneTrust supports its role in supporting businesses through their digital transformation journeys, offering tools that promote secure, responsible, and compliant use of AI and data.

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