Omega, a Web3 infrastructure provider, has secured $6 million to develop a platform that enables Bitcoin owners to generate yield on their assets, aiming to launch its beta in the next 60 days.

The recent funding round brought together top investors, including Bankless Ventures, Wave Digital,, Blockchain Founders Fund, and Kronos Ventures, to support Omega's vision.

This initiative marks a move towards merging traditional cryptocurrency assets with modern financial technologies.

By bringing Bitcoin into the DeFi ecosystem, Omega plans to offer unique yield-generating opportunities not previously available to Bitcoin holders.

Wes Cowan, Co-Founder and CEO of Omega, shared his excitement about the funding, stating,

"This backing pushes us further in our mission to bring Bitcoin into the DeFi space in meaningful ways."

Aly Madhavji from Blockchain Founders Fund also commented,

"We're excited to support Omega's mission to revolutionize yield generation for Bitcoin holders."

Notably, Omega plans to channel the funding into developing a decentralized platform, aimed at harnessing Bitcoin's intrinsic value in innovative ways.

With the public beta rollout targeted for the next 60 days, the company is on the verge of adding fresh features to the DeFi ecosystem.

Eric Ryklin, Omega's Co-Founder and COO, talked about team's innovation and commitment, said:

"This funding achievement affirms our mission to revolutionize the DeFi domain," he mentioned, pointing out the team's progress in enhancing Bitcoin's role in DeFi.


Omega is working to connect Bitcoin with DeFi, aiming to offer Bitcoin investors more ways to use their assets. As the company prepares for its public beta launch, the DeFi landscape looks set to welcome a new era of investment possibilities.

Omega's efforts highlight a shift toward blending traditional digital assets with new financial technologies, changing how investors engage with the DeFi ecosystem.

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