Nicer has announces a $2 million pre-seed funding round, led by Trip Ventures and influential figures in the travel industry, to advance its AI-powered travel planning and booking platform.

This investment will scale up the capabilities of travel advisors using Nicer's innovative technology.

By integrating AI with the unique insights of travel advisors, Nicer is setting a new standard in travel planning.

The platform is designed to augment the expertise of travel advisors, offering them tools to increase efficiency, expand their services, and provide customized travel experiences.

Ragan Stone, Nicer's CEO and a seasoned travel advisor, highlighted the industry's challenges and Nicer's solution.

"Our platform leverages AI to eliminate inefficiencies, enabling advisors to offer highly personalized travel experiences," Stone explained, expressing gratitude for the investor support that aligns with Nicer's mission.

Travel advisors are increasingly welcoming AI, as revealed by a survey where 60% view it favorably and nearly half are keen to integrate it into their work.

"Nicer represents a significant shift in the travel advisory field, setting the stage for a new era of technological innovation," said Shane O'Flaherty of Microsoft, a member of Nicer's board.

Angie Licea, President of Global Travel Collection, also opined.

"This collaboration will undoubtedly enhance the services we provide to our advisors, merging high-tech solutions with the irreplaceable human touch," Licea noted.


Nicer is poised to redefine the travel advisory sector by combining human expertise with AI and RPA technologies.

This blend aims to streamline the travel planning process, making expert advice more accessible and efficient.

As Nicer expands, its platform aims to enhance travel experiences for both advisors and travelers, setting a new standard in the travel industry's progress.

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