Nextiva, a key provider in customer experience solutions, has expanded its capabilities by acquiring Thrio, a company recognized for its AI-driven contact center software.

This strategic acquisition underscores Nextiva's dedication to democratizing advanced CX technology for companies of all sizes.

Expanding the Realm of Connected Conversations

Building on its reputation as an innovator in connected conversations, Nextiva integrates Thrio's AI expertise into its offerings. This union enhances Nextiva's capabilities, allowing billions of digital interactions to converge into a singular, seamless customer experience.

Nextiva users can now access Thrio's advanced features, enriching their engagement strategies.

CEO Tomas Gorny's Strategic Vision

Tomas Gorny, CEO of Nextiva, commented on the acquisition, saying:

"Joining forces with Thrio isn't just growth; it's a transformative step towards leading the CX industry," he remarked. "This acquisition is a clear pathway to success, ensuring our customers benefit from the most innovative solutions in the market."

Aligning for a Technological Revolution

More than a business transaction, this acquisition represents the merging of shared goals and visions. Nextiva and Thrio both strive to bring sophisticated CX technologies within reach of diverse businesses.

This approach, consistent with Nextiva's 15-year journey, is further solidified by the recent acquisition, following the investment in Simplify360.

Edwin Margulies on the Unified Mission

Edwin Margulies, CEO of Thrio, responded to the development, stating,

"Merging with Nextiva catapults our mission to a global scale. We are now better positioned to close the CX technology gap, making top-tier solutions accessible to all businesses, irrespective of their size."


Nextiva's acquisition of Thrio is more than a merger; it's a beacon for the future of customer experience. This union not only enhances Nextiva's service portfolio but also redefines the industry standard, allowing businesses of any size to operate with the sophistication of larger corporations.

It marks a pivotal step in shaping a more inclusive and innovative digital landscape in customer experience management.

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