In a strategic move, Navix has formed a partnership with Dependable Supply Chain Services to deploy an automated freight audit and invoicing system, promising to revolutionize efficiency and reduce manual processes.

Navix, in collaboration with Dependable Supply Chain Services, is set to overhaul the traditional freight auditing and invoicing processes.

This partnership introduces an automated solution designed to minimize human intervention and optimize operational workflows.

For Dependable, this means shifting valuable human resources to strategic business areas, thereby enhancing their overall productivity and service delivery.

Historically, Dependable relied on a labor-intensive approach for audit and invoicing tasks, heavily dependent on emails and phone communications.

The method not only strained resources but also posed significant challenges in scaling operations effectively without impacting the bottom line.

Navix's AI-powered platform emerges as a game-changer for Dependable, offering a seamless transition to automated operations.

Such shift is expected to lower costs, boost operational efficiency, and provide access to real-time data essential for informed decision-making and accelerated growth.

"The partnership with Navix reinforces our commitment to equipping our team with cutting-edge tools, ensuring our leadership in the logistics sector," stated Ken Daniel of Dependable.
"This collaboration is poised to enhance our operational integrity, service quality, and market diversity — the cornerstones of 'The Dependable Difference.'"

The logistics industry, particularly 3PLs and freight brokers, has traditionally viewed audit and invoicing errors as an inevitable cost of doing business.

However, Navix's introduction promises a departure from these outdated practices by offering a quick-to-implement solution that enhances staff efficiency and paves the way for growth through reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), thereby improving cash flow for strategic investments.

"This partnership underscores our vision for transforming the logistics industry," said Eric Krueger, Co-Founder and CEO of Navix. "With Navix, we're on the fastest path to growth, and I'm thrilled to see Dependable harness this potential."


This collaboration between Navix and Dependable Supply Chain Services seems a major development in the logistics industry, showcasing the power of AI to streamline and enhance freight auditing and invoicing processes.

By leveraging Navix's technology, Dependable sets a new standard for efficiency and growth in logistics, reflecting a strong commitment to innovation and excellence in service delivery.

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