Manifold has announced a $15 million Series A funding round led by TQ Ventures, improving its AI-driven platform aimed at modernizing clinical research workflows.

This investment, joined by Calibrate Ventures, SK Ventures, and notable healthcare leaders, will boost Manifold's mission to advance research studies from months to minutes.

Built by industry experts, Manifold's platform aims to reduce research teams' time to insights by streamlining study and data management processes.

Manifold's AI platform addresses the delays in research advancements caused by legacy workflows, offering a faster path to improving patient outcomes.

Notably, the platform offers a comprehensive solution for researchers to manage patient data, from enrollment to analysis, in a unified system.

This breakthrough enables efficient study participant engagement, data harmonization, and secure collaboration, marking an advancement in clinical research technology.

Dr. Anna Maria V. Storniolo from the IU Melvin and Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center acknowledged the technology's impact, saying,

"Our partnership with Manifold on a modern technology infrastructure is enabling us to respond to far more research requests with less manual effort and cost."

The successful outcomes of Manifold's collaborations with prominent research institutions echo this sentiment, showing improvements in study operations and research output.

Vinay Seth Mohta, CEO and Co-Founder of Manifold, shares the company's vision:

"Our vision is to make it ten times faster and one-tenth the cost to conduct modern research studies that unlock insights never-before possible."

Furthermore, A diverse group of investors and advisors also support this ambition, demonstrating widespread industry belief in Manifold's potential to transform clinical research.


Manifold’s innovative AI-powered platform is aiming to transform the landscape of clinical research by providing a streamlined, efficient approach to study and data management.

With its recent funding, the company is well-positioned to accelerate clinical research, unlocking new possibilities for patient care and medical insights at a fraction of the current cost and time.

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