HashKey Group, a top-tier digital asset financial services group in Asia, and OKX, a globally renowned Web3 technology company and crypto exchange, have unveiled their plan to partner.

This collaboration aims to boost compliant virtual asset innovation and industry growth in Hong Kong.

This collaboration between HashKey and OKX will encompass a range of industry initiatives, focusing on blockchain infrastructure development, product diversification, and virtual asset investment education in Hong Kong.

The partnership reflects a shared commitment to nurturing a regulated virtual asset industry and positioning Hong Kong as a key global hub in this domain.

OKX Ventures, the investment division of OKX, played a significant role in HashKey's recent Series A financing round, underlining its investment in projects that contribute to the global virtual asset ecosystem's sustainable growth.

The synergy between HashKey Group and OKX brings together their combined strengths and resources.

This union is poised to enhance service offerings and customer experiences, further driving Hong Kong's prominence as a regulated virtual asset industry hotspot.


The partnership between HashKey Group and OKX marks a significant step in advancing compliant virtual asset innovations in Hong Kong.

By leveraging each other's strengths, these industry leaders are set to elevate Hong Kong’s position in the global virtual asset landscape, fostering growth and compliance in this rapidly evolving sector.

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