Corsearch, a premier provider of brand protection and trademark solutions, has introduces its new Industrial Design Search tool. This AI-powered module is part of the TrademarkNow platform, aimed at supporting the ever-growing trademark industry.

The tool is designed to protect the aesthetic aspects of products, distinct from patents which cover functionality.

It comes at a time when trademark congestion is increasingly problematic, making industrial design protection vital for securing a company's offerings.

Corsearch's Industrial Design Search utilizes AI and image recognition technology to streamline the search and registration of unique designs. This ensures companies can fully capitalize on their investments.

The tool offers swift and precise searches, thanks to its similarity algorithms and options to filter searches by geographic regions and specific design categories.

Initially, the tool will include access to 75 databases, with plans to expand to 77 by adding Moldova and Eurasia in 2024. This expansion underscores Corsearch's commitment to providing comprehensive support to IP professionals worldwide.

Viji Krishnan, President of Trademark Solutions at Corsearch, stated,

"With the launch of Industrial Design Search, we continue our mission to empower trademark professionals and brands globally. Our AI-driven technology will redefine industry standards, providing unparalleled insights and efficiency in identifying similar industrial design matches."


Corsearch's Industrial Design Search tool is a testament to the company's innovative approach to brand protection. By combining AI technology with expert insight, Corsearch not only simplifies the industrial design search process but also enhances the overall efficiency of trademark professionals.

Also, customers can access the Industrial Design Search tool either through a standalone subscription or as an addition to product bundles on the TrademarkNow platform. This accessibility is helping brands protect their unique designs amidst increasing trademark congestion.

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