Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing significantly in this digital era. It enables the production of a variety of commodities that boost productivity and automation. One such advancement that aids traders and investors with market research and cryptocurrency trading is the use of  AI  trading assistants — especially AI trading bots, computer programs that autonomously buy and sell digital assets on behalf of consumers

These assistants select whether to enter or leave a trade based on predefined algorithms and trading methods. 

Due to the market’s volatility, users seeking to enhance their profits from market changes are increasingly turning to crypto trading bots. In addition to evaluating vast amounts of data, identifying market trends, and making quick trading decisions, AI bots can also refine their methods and learn from their trades. 

Here is a list of the top seven AI-powered crypto trading assistants/bots:

1. BitsGap

Bitsgap is a top AI-Powered crypto trading assistant; it offers portfolio management, algorithmic orders, cryptocurrency trading bots, and a free demo mode —all in one place, making  it a great AI-powered crypto trading assistant. One of Bitsgap's key features is its capacity to link all of your exchangers in one place. 

This has several incredible benefits, such as simplifying the implementation of strategies and enabling the simultaneous deployment of complex bots across platforms. You can keep record of your assets, trade and switch between exchanges, compare rates from other digital currency platforms, and experiment with different strategies — again all in one place with a trial account.  

Furthermore, another distinctive feature of the Bitsgap trading bot is its ability to distribute your investments proportionately within the range you have set, thus allowing you to make small and consistent profits on every move in the market. Orders are filled and new ones are placed when the price hits the necessary range. 

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2. Coinrule

Next on our list is Coinrule, a cryptocurrency command center that is not just an automated trading platform. With its sophisticated trading bots, Coinrule enables you to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies on exchanges. You can either start from scratch when creating a bot strategy or utilize an existing rule that has been traded on the exchange in the past. It lets you scan more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies with their Any Coin Scanner to find excellent investment opportunities. 

All you have to do is enter their AI-powered trading Bot Marketplace to quickly and confidently implement successful, backtested methods. With its user-friendly interface and over  200 premade trading templates, Coinrule Guarantees smooth strategy implementation for both beginners and experts.

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3. Pionex

Pionex, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the finance sector, was built to offer automated trading bots for the purchase and sale of different cryptocurrencies. Its users can trade a variety of digital currencies and diversify their holdings by supporting a large number of coins.

Pionex's user-friendly bot bot-building cess is one of its primary benefits, hence also enabling amateurs to easily set up and run trading bots. Furthermore, the platform provides an extensive selection of automated techniques that can adapt to both bullish and bearish market conditions.

The best thing about Pionex is that all trading is done on the platform itself; you don't need to use APIs to connect to other exchanges. There are a ton of other kinds of bots available as well.

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4. CryptoHopper 

Cryptohopper is another top AI cryptocurrency trading bot that automates your trades to save you time. The multifunctional platform offers a wide range of services by combining its hub operations, social trading, copying, and investment portfolio management services. 

The trading process is enhanced by the platform's semi-automated trading bot, which helps traders eliminate human inclinations and emotions. Rather, it depends on trading algorithms with a technical foundation and automated trading strategies. 

With features like trailing stops, saveable templates, bot backtesting, and customizable indicators, CryptoHopper offers a wide range of trading instruments. The platform is an online tool with an easy-to-use interface that is straightforward. The trading bot may be set up to trade algorithmically and socially, along with the ability to trade automatically around the clock. 

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5. 3Commas

3Commas is a cryptocurrency investment platform that provides both automated and manual trading methods. Users may manage their assets across 16 major cryptocurrency exchanges from a single interface — thanks to the powerful trading features. The best part is that 3Commas offers trading tactics appropriate for sideways, bull, and bear markets, helping traders generate profits.

3Commas offers a plethora of features that enable users to optimize their trading methods, effectively manage their portfolios, and execute trades with greater efficiency. 3Commas' intelligent trading terminals are among its main selling points. With the help of these terminals' intuitive design, you can keep an eye on several cryptocurrency exchanges from one location.

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6. TradeSanta

TradeSanta, a cryptocurrency trading program, and bot that assists users in navigating the market and using value swings, is another fantastic platform for AI crypto trading. 

TradeSanta allows you to trade around the clock, just like other leading platforms, and setup is simple and quick. In only a few minutes, you may set up the trading bot, choose your trading pairings, and create an account. 

TradeSanta is particularly helpful for novice and part-time traders. The bot's mechanics don't demand any laborious activities to succeed. The bots are controlled by intricate algorithms and utilize both long and short methods. 

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7. HaasOnline

With HaasOnline, you can quickly create, test, and implement high-frequency Bitcoin trading bots on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges.  The trading bot can assess trends and choose the optimal course of action, thanks to its predefined settings. 

With the program, trading can be done more swiftly and effectively, automatically executing orders while maintaining market awareness. By constantly creating trading bots, the platform claims to uphold the highest standard of technology. 

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The primary functions of AI are automation and insights, both of which are critical to AI crypto trading. Cryptocurrency investors are now utilizing trading bots to automate the buying and selling of positions based on significant technical indicators, just like with traditional AI stock trading. 

There are some notable challenges when trading cryptocurrencies. First off, because the markets are open 24 hours a day, traders need to constantly monitor the charts to make sure that they don't miss out on a good bargain. This has played a significant role in the growing acceptance of AI crypto trading assistants over time. 

AI trading bots perform better, saving users significant time by eliminating the need to learn various parameters and techniques. In addition to this, they also make it possible for inexperienced traders to use lucrative tactics, thus becoming a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to start trading cryptocurrencies.

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