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Aggrey Aera


Aggrey is a fan of disruptive technologies. He first owned a mobile phone at the age of 19 and has since witnessed how the phone has revolutionized banking. Specifically, his interest has expanded into the realm of fintech, AI, Blockchain, and machine learning. At times, he also likes to read stories of major hacks. As our subeditor, he is tasked with ensuring that the content we share is authentic and newsy. When not editing and writing news, he is watching funny videos on TikTok.

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Varsha Saraogi

Features Editor

After getting an MA Journalism from the UK, she has been published in Reuters, The Independent, Elite Business Magazine and continues to follow her passion in technology and business.

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Manas Pimpalkhare

Tech Journalist

Aspiring Tech Journalist, Lawyer-to-be, has a keen interest in cybercrime and disruptive tech like AI, 5G, and crypto.

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