Tech firms now make up the largest and most powerful companies in the world. Our versions of industrial era leaders like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller are Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook, no matter how much skepticism abounds regarding Facebook and Apple. They say cash is king—these days, tech is king. 

And tech doesn’t only consist of billion-dollar companies. There were 12,780 startups acquired by U.S. companies alone between 2010 and 2018, according to Statista. Startups are an integral and iconic part of the global tech ecosystem, and all of these companies—whether startups or behemoths—are in need of public relations services.

The world is a volatile and complex place to navigate, and businesses have to understand where their expertise ends so they can hire the right men and women to step in and help. For companies in complex fields, such as tech, that uncharted territory often lies in the softer areas of public relations and marketing. 

When entrusting a PR firm to propel a business into headlines and news segments on a global scale, it comes down to the credentials that work for each company’s specific style and brand image.

Not every PR firm is a proper fit and vice versa, but there are underlying credentials that are essential for the symbiotic success of a company and its PR firm. Whether its knowledge and integration of PR trends, creative identity, or perhaps most importantly connections, the need to choose a PR firm wisely based on a company’s specific needs is more relevant than ever.

Top tech PR firms every company should consider


The world’s leading boutique tech PR firm, ReBlonde, has made its mark over the past 14 years. The global PR firm’s award-winning team has helped more than 1,000 technology companies, such as Waze, Microsoft, Intel, Spotify, JFrog, and Viber, command headlines and share their stories with the world.

In the spirit of its home base, the Startup Nation, the Israel-based firm focuses on PR services for tech and venture capital across the globe, ranging from AI to medtech, to blockchain, fintech, and IoT.

ReBlonde also houses a unit specially dedicated to digital assets and blockchain companies, called ReBlondeChain, through which its team has earned coverage for big hitters including Celsius Network, Waves, the government of Malta, and Bancor. In addition to financial technology, ReBlonde specializes in breakthrough medtech powered by AI and other emerging technologies, working alongside industry leaders such as Zebra Medical Vision, DreaMed Diabetes, Emedgene, and Envizion Medical.


Founded in 1952, the multi-faceted PR firm that began as an independent, family-owned business has flourished into a global communications leader with more than 60 offices around the world. By holding onto core values like “the pursuit of excellence, the freedom to be curious, the courage to do the right thing, and a commitment to improving society,” Edelman offers premier services for its clients.

Awarded the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for PR, and featured on Ad Age’s 2019 A-list, Edelman has received countless awards and recognitions for its outstanding work. With areas of expertise including development and production, as well as data security and privacy, Edelman is able to broaden its clients possibilities. Major players with whom the global PR firm has worked, such as Microsoft and Samsung, serve as an exhibit of its knowledge and drive in leading a successful PR firm. 


MWW stands as a PR firm that cherishes its corporate reputation. With more than 30 years of experience in consumer PR, the New Jersey-based firm understands that a company’s perception makes its value. By investing in its employees’ success and understanding, MWW leads a successful firm from the inside out. With eight offices around the UK and U.S., MWW is able to adapt to a fast-changing environment by working in multiple fields and gaining expertise from a variety of circumstances.

Focusing on consumer PR and marketing, MWW has developed a foundation of what methods suit specific companies. The firm specializes in content creation for its clients in various fields, tailoring the content per client needs and niches.

Ruder Finn

Founded in 1948, Ruder Finn holds a team of 500 consultants all around North America, Europe, and Asia pacific. While tied internationally, the healthcare, technology, and life-science-focused firm leverage a cohesive collaboration technology to ensure its strategy are seamless for every client.

Ruder Finn is an extremely skillful firm, focused on data and insight to drive it toward their passion to communicate innovation and change. With the help of the agency’s full-service digital practice, its scale of specialities, ranging from branding and design to media relations, policy, and advocacy, develops a relationship of trust and reliability with its clients. Being recipients of the SABRE awards, The Clio’s, and The PRweek Awards showcases its success and genuity in its field. 

Spark PR

Through communications and creative campaigns, Spark PR specializes in revamping established brands. Sparks’s diligent work ethic keeps it up to date with the latest trends and gadgets in order to understand consumer behavior and constantly adapt to change.

Spark’s focus on blockchain, finance, tech, and consumer PR has brought over 1,000 innovative companies across wide markets to more than $17 billion in exits. The firm’s use of a variety of resources ensures its clients capitalize on every possible opportunity. Spark’s knowledge of venture capital, launching products, and branding leverages its capabilities boosts its clients’ brand recognition on a global scale. 

Looking ahead

The new business landscape facing the world’s companies as the 21st-century progresses poses challenges that can’t be met without proper PR and communication strategies.

No matter how exponentially technology evolves and public relations needs to adapt, the field will always require the development and maintenance of relationships. These firms’ experience, passion, and knowledge will help companies maneuver through these uncertain times. When their clients flourish, they flourish.