There are around 6500 spoken languages in the world, and it is difficult for an average individual to be an expert in more than 3 languages, including one’s mother tongue. In the digital era, we have apps like Duolingo to help us learn a foreign language comfortably sitting at home.

However, this is not the only app that serves the purpose. It has a text-based language learning method which may not suit many people. So if you are looking for an alternative for the Duolingo app or best language learning apps, here is the list for you.

Top 10 Best Duolingo Alternatives to Learn New Languages
Duolingo Alternatives 2020

Top 10 Duolingo Alternatives 2020

Aforementioned, this post will help you pick the best Duolingo alternatives in no time. Each of the below mentioned applications competes directly with Duolingo App on various factors and reviews. So the app lists follows,

  • Drops
  • Lingvist
  • LingoDeer
  • Babbel
  • Memrise
  • Busuu
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Hello Talk Learn Languages Free
  • ClozeMaster
  • Mondly

1. Drops

Drops have a unique way of teaching a foreign language which makes the App unique. It has a 5 minutes tutorial video where the user has to learn the content in 5 minutes. This is a very effective way of learning because one has to put in their complete concentration just for 5 minutes (average human lose concentration after 15 minutes).

Drops - Duolingo Alternatives
Drops – Duolingo Alternatives

This app also has a visual method of teaching rather than text-based learning in Duolingo. Thus, users will stay interested. Drops have other features like fun games, audio clips by artists and connecting words which makes the app more popular. One can also see their progress each day.

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2. Lingvist

This app is developed to provide a scientific approach to the way you learn a language. Lingvist teaches you those words in a language which are used in actual conversations. Therefore you get to learn those words which are practically useful in communication.

Lingvist - Duolingo Alternative
Lingvist – Duolingo Alternative

The app will track your progress in the form of a learning curve, and the course material will be presented in a way beneficial for you. The contents are presented in the form of beautiful flashcards. The only place where the app loses to Duolingo is in the number of languages. They have only four languages, whereas Duolingo has 35. If the language of your choice is there among the ones offered by Lingvist, then this app is the best for you.

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3. LingoDeer

LingoDeer offers all Asian and European languages such a Chinese, Korean, German, French etc. Along with the popular travel phrases, one gets to learn the languages in depth. The app makes you go through the grammar of the languages, and there is a 10 minutes session every day to practice your reading, writing and speaking skills.

LingoDeer - Duolingo Alternatives
LingoDeer – Duolingo Alternatives

LingoDeer starts teaching a language from the alphabets, then the words, grammar and goes on in the order. So if you want to earn a language seriously for academic purpose, this is the best app to choose.

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4. Babbel

Babbel is a learning platform where you get interactive and well-structured content on the same screen. The app has 14 languages unlike Duolingo, which has 35 and al major ones are not included in Babbel. But the app has a very friendly learning atmosphere. The contents are divided into 10-15 minutes lessons and help you get a grasp of the subject quickly.

Babbel - Duolingo Alternatives
Babbel – Duolingo Alternatives

There are chatting assignments where you have to reply to a chat situation with proper language and a natural way. They also teach you the cultural significance of certain words.

Babbel uses speech recognition technology to help the users learn pronunciations of the words entirely, and your progress will be synced across multiple devices.

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5. Memrise

This app provides a list of more than 100 languages from where one can choose and learn. Memrise provides you with a game style teaching technique where you will be trained as an undercover agent to and practice a new language.

Memrise - Duolingo Alternatives
Memrise – Duolingo Alternatives

They have advanced teaching techniques where you are provided with video clips of locals talking to you. If you have the premium version of the app, then you can learn without the internet. With more than 100 languages and interesting learning techniques, one will not mind spending a little money on this app.

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6. Busuu

Busuu is one of the app like Duolingo which starts with the basics and moves on to the advanced levels slowly. The contents are well laid out, and the app has an interactive nature. All the contents are developed by the experts in the field and thus has maintained required standards.

Busuu - Duolingo Alternatives
Busuu – Duolingo Alternatives

In Busuu, you can practice the words with fill in the blanks kind of questions, and the user will also be provided with tips on grammar. Elaborate examples are also provided here. You can chat with the locals to get a much better idea about the languages. Your corrections, along with progress, will be displayed to you.

Busuu has only 12 languages to choose from. But the learning method is very effective and interesting.

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7. Rosetta Stone

This is the oldest computer-assisted learning platform for languages. Now, it is available in Android and iOS. Rosetta has 24 major languages explained and updated by experts and also offers comprehensive study materials. The User interface is attractive, thus creating a pleasant learning atmosphere.

Rosetta Stone - Duolingo Alternatives
Rosetta Stone – Duolingo Alternatives

This App also contains the speech recognition technology to help you pronounce the words correctly. They use cloud technology so you can continue from different devices exactly from wherever you had left. This is one of the best apps for professional guidance on a new language.

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8. Hello Talk Learn Languages Free

This app uses an entirely different learning approach from the conventional ones. Here, you can converse with multilingual people around the world and learn the laguages. This is like asocial media platform for linguistics. You can go through a person’s profile before choosing them to have a conversation. This app can also be used while travelling to foreign regions where you might need help communicating with the people.

Hello Talk Learn Languages Free - Duolingo Alternatives
Hello Talk Learn Languages Free – Duolingo Alternatives

The app has a video chatting option where you can call the person for help in pronunciation and grammar. This makes the learning mutual since you can teach your friend a language which you know, and they do not.

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9. ClozeMaster

This is a strong competitor to Duolingo because ClozeMaster offers more than 100 languages just like Duolingo. The app is more like a game than a learning app. The mobile lingual learning app is in the form of 16-bit game-like graphics. There is an interactive fill in the blanks kind of questions along with audio for the same.


The contents in ClozeMaster are considered as a level higher than Duolingo, and the app is absolutely free.

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10. Mondly

This is an advanced language learning app and has activities like memorising core words, forming sentences, learning phrases, and so on. The built-in voice recognition feature helps you learn pronunciations and thus improve your confidence in speaking.

Mondly - Duolingo Alternatives
Mondly – Duolingo Alternatives

The app provides 33 languages to learn, and there is a feature called verb conjugator for each language. You can easily find a conjugated verb in any language which would make conversations easier. Mondly is also cheaper than Duolingo.

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Final Thoughts

These are the 10 best apps which can be alternatives for Duolingo. You might find better options in Playstore, but I am pretty sure that the apps mentioned here are better in their ways. These are excellent platforms to start your journey in learning multiple languages efficiently.

Which one do you think is the best Duolingo Alternative from this list? Are you using Duolingo and still finding it best? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! Also, do forget to share these apps like Duolingo with your friends! If you have any other apps like Duolingo free, let us know!

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