Tesla Motors all set to launch the made-in-China (MIC) version of the country’s Model Y in Q1 2021. However, a test model of the all-electric crossover was spotted on a Chinese highway last week. The car was aboard a flatbed, most probably going to its test-drive destination. 

A passerby captured the car in photographs and published them on social media, leading to speculation about the launch of the Model Y. If the test-drive is in progress in Q3 2020, there is a reason to expect the launch in Q4 this year. 

The MIC Model Y is open for pre-sale on Tesla China’s website right now in two variants – Long-range All Wheel Drive and Performance All Wheel Drive. Both variants have a range of almost 500 km (approximately 310 mi). The Long-range AWD is available for 488,000 Yuan, and the Performance AWD is available for 535,000 Yuan. 

Tesla completes Model Y production line construction in Giga Shanghai

Chinese local media reported that the construction of Tesla’s Model Y production line in the Shanghai Gigafactory has come to an end. “construction activity is at its lowest level in several months”, according to aerial surveillance reports.

Tesla also recently hired a large number of operators in the Shanghai factory, and 900 of these jobs are related to manufacturing in Phase 2 of the factory, dedicated to the production of Model Y.  

These events are stoking the fire of Tesla’s MIC Model Y early launch.