Animes have become far more popular than before; people of all age groups are very much entertained by the beautiful and fierce characters that are shown. If you are looking for some best dubbed anime websites or trying to watch anime online free, then this post will help you choose the perfect anime sites like Justdubs.

And this is where Justdubs comes into the picture, Justdubs is a website which offers the users dubbed anime on the go. They also give users a download option where they can watch their favorite anime without any need for a stable internet connection, which is very much necessary for the users in India.

But recently, the website seems to malfunction, or it completely stopped functioning (reasons being unknown). Due to this, many users are devastated and are looking for more efficient and functioning alternatives.

I will be sharing with you the top 10 Justdubs alternatives to watch English dubbed anime online for free. 

Top 10 JustDubs Alternatives

#1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the best Justdubs alternatives and the best in its business. The unique feature that it offers the users a collection of anime, but you should have a premium subscription to use this, it costs about 8$ a month and gives the user an ad-free experience and simulcasts.

Crunchyroll - JustDubs Alternatives

All the animes that’s ever aired can be streamed on this website (Premium subscription), it has all the ongoing shows, popular and old shows which are easily accessible.

Users can also stream for free on this website from its limited library contents at a streaming quality of 720p. The interface of this website is decent, and it’s pretty graphical, which attracts the younger crowd. 

Website Link:

#2. Cartoon Crazy

Well, Cartoon Crazy is a godsend website for online extroverts; not only does it offer the regular streaming service, but it also provides a decent chat room for all the users around the world to communicate and discuss their views with each other. Isn’t this a very convenient option for people who like to discuss their opinions about their favorite anime.

Cartoon Crazy - JustDubs Alternatives
Cartoon Crazy

It also offers a vast library of animes to the users just like Justdubs anime. The list of anime is very easily accessible since it’s provided on the home page itself.

CartoonCarzy interface is quite lovely and subtle for users who like their monitors to be clean. Worth a Try!

Website Link:

#3. Gogoanime

Gogoanime is the most popular website for streaming animes. The platform is pretty on point and easy to navigate for the new users. It provides the latest manga collections and even the old ones. It gives both dubbed as well subbed anime as per the user’s requirement. 

Gogoanime offers a 1080p streaming, as well as download quality for the high-speed internet users, and the users wanting to save data could go as low as 360p.

Gogoanime - JustDubs Alternatives

It is a mobile compatible website, and for an enhanced experience, the users can also download the mobile app provided on the play store. The interface of the app is pretty smooth, organized. It doesn’t consume much of the mobile’s charge.

Gogoanime offers a wide range of genres, such as action, adventure, romance, mecha, music, parody, and much more. It also offers this new feature named “Winter 2019” where it provides the latest anime of that season.

Website Link:

#4. Animeland 

This is another Just Dubs alternative that offers all the latest anime in HD quality for the users to stream. The only drawback of this website is its user interface. Its interface is similar to a windows 98 interface, It’s not a very attractive website to look at, but it does the work. 

Animeland - JustDubs Alternatives

Some of the users like this simple and understandable interface and opt for this website. If you are searching for a free English dubbed anime website, then this would be the best choice!

Website Link:

#5. AnimeHeaven 

This Anime streaming site is my personal favorite, and I will tell you why. This website has literally everything an anime lover can wish for, and It has a vast library consisting of all the animes that are aired. It offers users all the ongoing series, movies, random animes, popular and more. Users can watch the English dubbed and subbed episodes as per their convenience.


The interface of this website is prettier than the girl you have a crush on. The colors and the organization of this website are merely perfect. I’d definitely recommend this website to all the users out there because it literally has everything in one place.

Website Link:

#6. KissAnime

This Justdub alternative is another top-rated anime streaming site, and it offers the viewers to stream and downloads anime series and movies even before the year 2000. The interface is quite simple and on point. It’s not fancy like the other alternatives, but it’s pretty easy to use and subtle.

KissAnime - JustDubs Alternatives

It has a vast list of genres, and it provides the ongoing, recent, new seasons and an anime list for the users to browse through their extensive library. Overall this website has a huge fan base, and it’s probably one of the best anime streaming sites.

Website Link:

#7. Anime Show TV

This is another excellent alternative for Justdubs since it provides about more than 40 kinds of genres for the viewers to choose from. The genre includes Demon, historical, comedy, drama, mystery, police, romance, seinen, shounen, and lots more.

Anime Show TV
Anime Show TV

The interface is pretty neat, but the content is organized in a very effective way for the viewers to easily navigate through the library. 

Website Link:

#8. AnimeToon 

This is another similar alternative to Just dubs, which offers all the latest collection and to watch anime online free with a streaming quality of 1080p. It lists all the top genres that average viewer streams, and the contents are organized in a systematic and easy to view the order.

Anime Toon 
AnimeToon – JustDubs Alternatives

The interface is quite similar to the other streaming alternatives, and it has quite some users, and the rating of this streaming site is quite good.

Website Link:

#9. SideReel

SideReel is a one-stop streaming site for literally everything. The content on this website is not just restricted to anime but also movies and English sitcoms and series (Free dubbed anime).

SideReel - JustDubs Alternatives

Coming back to the point of view of an anime lover, it provides all sorts of anime shows and movies to stream. It works very much similar to a search engine due to which finding a specific anime and appearance is very easy on this website.

Website Link:

#10. Animania App

This is an anime streaming app which is available for Andriod users, and it’s quite good. Users can stream and download all the latest anime that’s on-air right now and can save to their mobile’s storage. 

Animania Mobile App
Animania Mobile App

The interface is quite tremendous and handy, but the only drawback of this Justdub alternative is that it’s restricted to just mobile phones. This is not available in the form of a website, but it’s quite suitable for users who watch their beloved anime on their mobile phones.

Website Link:

Final Words :

For all the anime fans out there, I hope I helped you by providing my list of Justdubs alternatives. If one of those websites stops working, then you would still have nine more sites to choose from. 

If you have any websites that are better than these, then please feel free to share it with me, and I will make sure that it gets added to the list. Also, let us know which one is your favorite Justdubs alternative from the above list. Which anime streaming site you use to watch free English dubbed anime? Share in the comment section!

For more posts on top alternatives and listicles, stay tuned! Happy Cartooning 🙂