Stripe is a San Francisco based payment processor company. It is a globally acclaimed company for online payments. The stack of Stripe’s technology is remarkable in promoting flawless payments, detecting fraud and on-boarding of merchants. Stripe is available in 26 countries. Due to higher processing fees and unavailability of Stripe in many countries, the e-commerce platforms are trying to find an alternative to Stripe.

This article covers information about the alternatives available in the market. They are well suited for e-commerce companies with many features which are better than Stripe. The article also comprises of few payment processors which can be used for specific regions. The comparison is done in terms of pricing, reliability, user- friendly service and global reach. 

Top 10 Best Stripe Alternatives you should try in 2019
Best Stripe Alternatives

Check out the Top 10 Best Stripe alternatives based on pricing, reliability, user- friendly service and global reach.

1. Braintree

Braintree - Stripe Alternatives
Braintree – Stripe Alternatives

Braintree, a division of PayPal gives the user access to payment templates. Due to its association with PayPal, its outreach is to a greater number of users much more than Stripe. The user is also able to personalize the checkout form according to his preference. Braintree pricing is almost the same as another payment process.

Normally, 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee is charged for every transaction. Braintree provides billing, invoice and advanced Application Program Interface (API) at no extra cost, unlike Stripe. Recurring billing and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer can also be done through Braintree. 

For more details, visit the official website – Link

2. Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments - Stripe Alternatives
Amazon Payments – Stripe Alternatives

Amazon Payment is one of the most widely used payment gateway which has a global reach. Integrating Amazon Payments in the website is seamless because of its developer-friendly Software Development Kit (SDK) and API. It allows the user to custom-build the payment setup in local currency. This has proved to be an advantage for flourishing global business.

Here, 2.9% + $0.3 is the processing fee charged by Amazon Payments for each purchase. Fraud detection using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, invoice management and billing are some of the features provided by it. The most prominent factor is its reach which is better than Stripe.

For more details, visit the official website – Link

3. Authorize

Authorize - Stripe Alternatives
Authorize – Stripe Alternatives

The oldest player in the market Authorize has been providing services for almost two decades. does not deal with merchant accounts, unlike Stripe which is a complete package which manages everything from cart to checkout. It is merely a payment gateway. can be used with a payment infrastructure to authorize wallet and credit cards transaction.

The cost for per transaction is $0.10 and a monthly charge of $25 is applicable. Addon features include advanced fraud detection and risk mitigation tools. It is available in a few countries like the United States of America (USA), Canada and Australia. The global outreach is less as compared to Stripe but for a budget-friendly platform is a must.

For more details, visit the official website – Link

4. Worldpay

Authorize - Stripe Alternatives
Authorize – Stripe Alternatives

Worldpay is the oldest financial technology company in the United Kingdom (UK) with myriad experience in payment handling. It is a more prominent payment processor for users in the UK. The Point of Sale (POS) system in Worldpay is able to bring more in-person sales to user’s business. It incorporates many forms of payment like credit and debit cards, bank transfers and mobile wallets. 

Here, 2.75% + €.20 is the processing fees which is almost like Stripe. It also provides another payment plan 2.75% (credit cards) + €19.95 and 0.75% (credit cards) + €19.95 per month. The second plan is meant for businesses that are involved in many payment processing. 

For more details, visit the official website – Link

5. Cardinity

cardinity - Stripe Alternatives
Cardinity – Stripe Alternatives

For Europe, Cardinity is the best alternative to Stripe. It accepts both credit and debit cards from users globally. Unlike Stripe, Cardinity pricing is much less and there is no monthly and annual maintenance charge. Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Carte Bleue payment is also processed by Cardinity.

While 1.3% + €0.25 processing fee is charged for every transaction. Recurring payments for subscription services, invoicing, enhanced security for fraud detection is also supported by it. Integration Cardinity in the portal is quite simple. 

For more details, visit the official website – Link

6. Razorpay

Razorpay - Stripe Alternatives
Razorpay – Stripe Alternatives

Razorpay is one of the best online payment service providers for small to medium sized business in India. It charges 2% processing fee per transaction done with Indian cards, Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and wallets. It charges 3% processing fee for payment done through Amex or any other international card. It charges no setup or annual maintenance fees.

Razorpay is also available in the United States, UK, France, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. Any Indian who wants to build a global e-commerce platform, Razorpay is the best platform to start with.

For more details, visit the official website – Link

7. PayPal

Paypal - Stripe Alternatives
Paypal – Stripe Alternatives

One of the oldest and most experienced companies in financial technology, PayPal is a key player in online payments and fraud prevention. It is one best alternative of Stripe. Here, 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee is charged per transaction. The global outreach of PayPal is more than Stripe. Like Stripe. PayPal is very user-friendly.  

For more details, visit the official website – Link

8. Square

Square - Stripe Alternatives
Square – Stripe Alternatives

Square has been in the competition with Stripe since its inception days. Square in-person Point-of-Sale make it way ahead of Stripe. It is generally for people who want the instant payment to set up without any hassle.

Square charges up to 2.9% + $0.3 per transaction as a fee. It only processes mobile wallet and credit card transactions. It doesn’t support in-app payment. Unlike Stripe, Square doesn’t have a global reach except in the US, UK and Australia.

For more details, visit the official website – Link

9. Adyen 

Adyen - Stripe Alternatives
Adyen – Stripe Alternatives

Small yet the best payment processor for small and medium sized companies. It has a very low processing fee as compared to Stripe. 0.6% + $0.12 is the processing fee for Visa and Mastercard cards and $0.25 + $0.12 is the processing fee for ACH transfers, per transaction. 3.95% + $0.12 processing fee for Amex cards.

Ayden charges a huge amount of money approximately $120 monthly if the business is not able to reach the threshold of 1000 transaction. Apart from these, it provides merchant online accounts which help the user to have better control over the online accounts. 

For more details, visit the official website – Link

10. Dwolla

Dwolla - Stripe Alternatives
Dwolla – Stripe Alternatives

The cheapest alternative to Stripe in the US is Dwolla. Developer friendly required based modulation, support for ACH transactions, merchant account and excellent documentation are some of the key features of Dwolla.

Up to 0.5% + $0.5 is the processing fee per transaction which is quite low as compared to Stripe. No monthly fees and hidden charges make this payment processor a good choice for people in the US as it is only available there. 

For more details, visit the official website – Link

Recommended Best Stripe Alternatives

These are the Best Stripe Alternative for Your Online Business based on pricing, features, users reviews and other key factors. We would recommend PayPal, it offers the best solution for all payment gateways.

Do you think we missed some best online payment websites on this list? Which service are you using it currently and your experience with it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!