8 easy ways to boost your Macbook performance

8 Easy Ways to Boost Macbook’s Performance
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Are you unhappy with how your Macbook has been performing recently? If that is the case, you may want to take some action and fix the Mac before it gets too problematic. After all, you do not want to become a frequent service store visitor and spend money on fixes, right?

Negligence to take proper care is one of the most common reasons why people struggle with their computer performance. Here are some ways that will help restore your Macbook to what it was before all the issues started to appear.

1. Delete Unnecessary Data

Getting rid of unnecessary data frees up hard drive space. Yes, not all files have to be deleted because you can use external storage devices or cloud services, such as Dropbox and iCloud. But what about data like temporary system backups or app extensions and plugins? 

The sheer volume of temporary data is a hindrance to the computer and its performance. You should get cleaner software that removes unwanted files automatically. If you are not certain which software is the best, spend some time and research app cleaners rating online.

2. Manage Applications

Do not just forget about the applications that you install. It may be that some apps are just idly running in the background and consuming system resources. Resources that are finite. 

Activity Monitor tells you which processes require the most memory or CPU usage. You can sort applications and see which of these applications stick out the most. 

Remove apps that you no longer need. Also, look for ways that you can get an alternative that would provide better performance results. For example, your current internet browser might not be the most optimal option.

3. Remove Infected Files

Files that have been affected by a virus or malware can be the main cause behind poor Macbook performance. Scan the system and make sure that you do not have problems with cybersecurity threats. 

In case antivirus finds infected files, remove these files from the computer. This is also a sign that you need to improve your cybersecurity. In addition to having reliable antivirus, you should also enable the firewall. Ignoring questionable URLs that you receive helps as well. Finally, if you want to feel safer while browsing the web, why not do so by using a virtual private network?

4. Disable Visual Effects

If you are a pragmatic person, enabling gimmicks like a backlit keyboard or animated opening applications for Dock should not be a thing. These visual effects offer nothing of value and are only consuming system resources. You would be better off getting rid of visual effects, especially if the goal is to boost Macbook’s performance.

5. Install Updates

Install new updates as soon as they are available. And this should apply not just to the operating system but also to any applications that you use.

The most recent versions introduce new features, performance and security improvements, and overall stability to the computer. 

Keep in mind, though, that upgrading to a new OS version causes more problems in some instances. If you notice that the performance of your Macbook dropped when you switched to a new OS, revert the change and wait until there is a hotfix available.

6. Declutter Desktop

Desktop clutter is a big problem. You should avoid getting in the habit of keeping your most important files on the Macbook’s desktop. Every icon has to be rendered when users switch between the desktop and other tabs. And if the desktop is full of icons, one can only imagine how much of a strain all these files put on the system.

Keep your files in folders and organize them in a way that there are no issues finding what you need. And if you cannot find a particular file, remember to use the Spotlight tool.

7. Buy New Hardware

New hardware is cheaper than buying a new Macbook. Replacing HDD with SSD is one of the most popular options nowadays. The improvements will be noticeable right away, though you will need to be more careful with file management. Solid-state drives do not provide that much space.

RAM is also worth considering. You can find many great deals, especially during holiday seasons, when everything is on sale. 

8. Get Rid of Filth Inside

All that dust and dirt inside the Macbook is a threat to the internal software. You will know that there is too much filth inside when you start to hear loud fan noises. Overheating is another indication.

You may find suggestions that say how a cooling pad is the best solution to overheating and overworked internal Mac fans. While the accessory is a good investment, you should still prioritize removing dust and dirt inside the computer.

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