Top 10 Best KLWP themes for Android you should try now

Top 10 Best KLWP themes for Android you should try now
Top 10 Best KLWP themes for Android you should try now
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Android users have the edge over iOS since Android allows a lot of customization. Earlier Android used to update the widgets through Zooper tools, but now users have Live Wallpaper (KLWP) and Kustom Widget Maker (KWGT).

KLWP is an application for mobile devices that customizes the style and design of the home screen. It creates a wallpaper with text, animation, and applications embedded inside it. The supported launcher is required to make KLWP work. Most of the launchers work with KLWP except Go launcher.

Top 10 Best KLWP themes for Android you should try now
Best KLWP themes – OneUI KLWP Theme

This article covers 10 best KLWP themes that can be used by the users for decorating his home screen. And to try out these KLWP themes, users need to install Launcher apps like Nova Launcher and Klwp Pro Key. Let’s break down the list!

1. Flow for KLWP

Flow is one of the finest KLWP theme available on the Play Store. It consists of 15+ new wallpapers in the app. Future updates will add more wallpapers. The size of the app is less. It has a good collection of design and animation. The cost of the theme is around $1.

Download Flow KLWP theme – Link

2. TIDY for KLWP

It is one of the premium products in the Google play store. The features do justice to the app name; it arranges all the tools systematically so that the user doesn’t find any difficulty in finding the tools. It allows single-click customization of all the tools and widgets. The price of the theme costs less than $1.

Download TIDY for KLWP from here – Link

3. Flash for KLWP

One of the prerequisites of Flash is that it requires Nova Prime or any other supported launcher to work. It helps to customize Android to a whole new interface.  It has good graphics. It has three pages. The first page consists of a date, time, and basic weather information. The second page comprises of the news feed and the third page shows a music player.

Download Flash KLWP Theme from here – Link

4. Minimal for KLWP

The name says it all, Minimal theme is for those users who want minimal skins or themes. The home page consists of just date, time and favorite apps button. Tapping the favorite apps will give the user the list of all the apps assembled in it. There is no app icon on the homepage which makes the homepage clean.

Minimal for KLWP
Minimal for KLWP

Along with this, the app has clean animations. There is a plus button on the top left, upon tapping user will get various options like news, music, weather, settings, and menu.

Download Minimal for KLWP and KUSTOM – Link

5. Pixelize for KLWP

The theme is based on the Pixel look. The paid version of the theme can be downloaded from the Google play store, which costs just $2. Just like other Best KLWP themes, the Pixelize app comes with pre-loaded features and with a minimal User interface.

Download Pixelize for Kustom KLWP – Link

6. SleekHome for KLWP

The theme has a card-style interface for the app shortcuts. It adds a clock widget and other apps at the top. Customization of the font and colors is also possible in KLWP settings. The front page consists of a Google bar on the top, and the remaining options are placed in the dock.

SleekHome for KWLP
SleekHome for KLWP

App icons like phone, messaging, the drawer is placed below the Google bar. Tapping the plus button will give a clean animation that shows weather, profile, music, etc. The user can change the background of the Android home using Sleek Home.

The exciting feature of this theme is the profile tab. The tab, not only contains the profile pictures but also the applications that the user uses with settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Maps, etc.

Download SleekHome for KLWP from here – Link

7. Marbles for KLWP

It is a free live wallpaper maker app. The interface is unique with marble shaped balls hanging from the top of the screen. The balls depict the icons. The icons can be put up by the user according to his choice. There are three pages. The first page has time, calendar, maps, calls. Messages and notes.

Marbles for KLWP
Marbles for KLWP

The second page contains more apps, date, and time. The third page contains an app related to media or games. A music player is at the bottom which plays music from the default music player.

Download Marbles for KLWP – Link

8. Marl for KLWP

Marl consists of two pages. The style of the pages is alluring. The first page depicts the user location that shows the satellite image of the area. Accompanying the map is the date and time. A music player is present at the top of the screen. When the play button is hit, the unnecessary stuff hides automatically.

Marl for KLWP
Marl for KLWP

The second page opens half of the tab and shows information like network, battery level, weather, storage, ram, and events.

Download Marl for KLWP – Link

9. FuelUI KLWP

FuelUI consists of only one layer. A lot of things are included on one page. There are maps, dates, time, apps, compass, contacts, and battery usage on the page. It is a stand-alone app, and it requires launcher to use it. Status bar and the dock are disabled in the theme. It is available for free at Google play store.

Download FuelUI KLWP – Link

10. Fuchsia OS KLWP

As the name represents, Fuchsia is kinda different from other KLWP themes listed above. The Fuchsia OS is developed by Google that allows the users to personalize their KLWP themes on their smartphone. Customization of the font and colors is also possible in this theme. Worth trying it!

Download Fuchsia OS KLWP from here – Link

How to use KLWP Themes

If you are looking for some guide to know how to use KLWP Themes then you can follow our guide steps below. To be honest, it’s very simple and can be achieved in a few clicks. To customize the KLWP themes,

Step 1: Download any of the KLWP Themes from above.

Step 2: On your Android smartphone, Tap and Long Press on Home Screen.

Step 3: From the bottom option, Click On wallpapers.

Step 4: Navigate to the KLWP Design and choose anyone of it.

To make it easier, check out the below tutorial video on How to Use KLWP Themes and Kustom Live Wallpapers,

We hope you guys liked out the top & best KLWP themes mentioned above. If you feel we missed out any best KLWP theme then let us know in the comments section below. We love to refresh our top list soon! Stay tuned for more articles like this on Morning Tick.

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