Three Ireland launches 5G services in the country

Three Ireland launches 5G services in the country
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Three Ireland, the country’s third 5G provider, launched its services today. The company has partnered with Ericsson to be OEM for this venture.

The company is providing 5G packages to its customers – prepaid, bill-pay, and business – and also has plans to induce add-on 5G packages, costing around €5. 

Three Ireland offers the next-gen connectivity at specific locations in each county, and has 315 active sites. It is noteworthy that this is Ireland’s largest 5G network, and the company plans to add more sites to its portfolio.

The company currently covers approximately 35% of the country’s population, but with 500 more active sites, that coverage is bound to increase.

Users would need 5G-compatible devices to access the new network. Fortunately, Three Ireland has provisions for those needs – five 5G gadgets launched,and fifteen more planned by the end of the year.

Three Ireland is the third company to offer 5G services in Ireland, after Vodafone and Eir. With the global beacons of 5G working in Ireland, the country is all set to receive speeds of upto 3 or 4 times that of 4G. The technology is also expected to pave the way for developments in agriculture, education, and transport. 

“We started our 5G rollout with Ericsson last year, building our network to bring customers in both rural and urban areas. With our nationwide 5G footprint now in place and a variety of 5G enabled devices on the market, we believe now is the right time to launch”, said Robert Finnegan, CEO of Three Ireland and Three UK. 

He emphasised that , “Connectivity is vital to our everyday lives, so we wanted to be the first in the country to offer prepay customers as well as bill pay customers a 5G experience. 5G is transforming how we connect, work, are entertained and how we live our lives”.

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