Tesla launches subscription-based ‘Premium Connectivity’ service in South Korea

Tesla launches subscription-based ‘Premium Connectivity’ service in South Korea

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Tesla proved its mettle yet again by expanding the ‘Premium Connectivity’ feature in South Korea. This is a subscription-based service that allows Tesla users to execute various functions while being connected to a cellular internet carrier. It can be purchased via the users’ Tesla accounts and is available at a fixed monthly payment. The subscription-based service was launched today at 4 pm local time.

‘Connectivity’ is a signature feature of Tesla Motors. It essentially gives the user the ability to connect their car to the internet. Standard Connectivity is present on all Tesla cars, and it gives access to basic maps and navigation, and music streaming via a Bluetooth connection. All this has to be done on a wi-fi connection.

Premium Connectivity is a solution to all wi-fi woes. It allows users to access all Standard Connectivity features on cellular data. Moreover, users will be able to avail better satellite maps and real-time traffic information. They will also be able to stream various multimedia using their cellular internet service and also access an internet browser. Obviously, users will have to subscribe to their desired multimedia services separately. Tesla’s service is available for ₩7,900/month (approx $6.69/month).

According to local media reports, Premium Connectivity has been provided free of charge for Long-range and Performance trims of high-end models Model S and Model X, and low-end models of Model 3 right now. 

Tesla Korea’s website states that all its models are eligible to get this newly launched service. However, The customers who ordered their cars on or before August 29, 2019, will get the service for free. 

The service is also available on a trial basis, namely, 30 days for Model 3 Standard Range Plus, and 1 year for Model X, Model S, and the remaining variants of Model 3. Details and instructions for re-sold Tesla models wanting ‘Premium Connectivity’ are present on their website. 

Tesla deepens its roots in South Korea 

Tesla launches subscription-based ‘Premium Connectivity’ service in South Korea
Tesla Model 3 | Image credit: China Daily

As Morning Tick previously reported, Tesla saw gigantic levels of growth in the South Korean EV (electric vehicle) market. This helped the futuristic automaker reach 370,000 in global sales numbers. With the surge in sales, Tesla now has the responsibility of catering to broad demands. 

The ‘Premium Connectivity’ feature had already been available in the USA since December last year (at $9.99/month) and was scheduled to be launched in South Korea in the first half of 2020. Due to some unavoidable delays, the launch took place on July 31, 2020.

An official from Tesla Korea said, “In the meantime, in (South) Korea, we have provided premium connectivity services for free, and subscription service is slower than in the US and other markets.” 

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