Samsung planning to launch AI integrated smart speakers

Samsung planning to launch AI integrated smart speaker

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Smart speakers have become quite famous among people. Many people are buying a smart speaker with voice assistant support. The speakers may be compatible with Google Assistant, Siri or Amazon Alexa. To add one more competitor to the smart speakers, Samsung is also planning to launch the Galaxy Home with Bixby speech Assistant, camera and display. The smart speaker was announced in August 2018. The design is very different from all the speakers present in the market.

Samsung Electronics filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for an “Electronic device and method for operating the same,” in March 2019. On September 19 the patent was published and was also incorporated in the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) database.

The Samsung speaker comprises a ball and a ring around it. Both the ring and the ball can rotate independently of each other. The speaker as a whole can also move. An ’emotionally attractive stimulus’, is provided by the ball which is the smart loudspeaker. The ball is provided with Artificial Intelligence.

Samsung planning to launch AI integrated smart speakers
Samsung planning to launch AI integrated smart speakers

The Samsung AI integrated smart speaker are equipped with a camera and an infrared sensor which helps the speaker in its movement. When the user is talking to the speaker, it rolls towards the owner. The camera and infrared help the speaker to calculate the distance to objects which helps it to move towards the user. On obstruction, it finds a new path and routes through it.

The camera having multiple lenses is capable of capturing photos and videos. A flash can also be added to the camera. The speaker and the outer ring have magnets which help to adjust the ball. The material of the speaker will be scratch- resistant.

Samsung planning to launch AI integrated smart speakers
Samsung Rollable Smart Speaker

The ring comprises a touchscreen display which will also have an iris scanner or a fingerprint scanner. A speech assistant will also be integrated to help user give voice commands like make calls, send messages, set the alarm, etc. Apart from this the outer ring also had a battery and audio module.

According to patent, the device can be equipped with a USB connection HDMI connection, a microSD memory card interface and 3.5mm connection which means that the speaker can be connected to other devices also. There are also many speculations regarding WiFi, LAN and Bluetooth on the device.

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