Legal AI bot ‘DoNotPay’ allows users to keep emails cleaner and safer

Legal AI bot ‘DoNotPay’ allows users to keep emails cleaner and safer
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In a breakthrough solution for email spams and unwanted e-correspondence, legal tech expert Joshau Browder has created an AI bot called ‘DoNotPay’. This AI lawyer bot allows users to take legal action over email correspondence with ease. Its greatest asset is that it keeps users from losing money. 

Taking into account all cyber frauds, Browser created DoNotPay to enable users to respond with ease. The AI tool effectively analyses the contents of the email, determines the various actions it can take and allows the user to make decisions at the press of a single key. 

Browder has previously worked on several consumer rights issues using disruptive automation and came up with the idea for DoNotPay in one such endeavour. He launched DoNotPay email on October 7, 2020, which is all set to provide users with a @donotpay email address. DoNotPay creates options for users to save time, or money, or both. 

How does AI handle emails?

Browder’s product compares the contents of an email to 150 pre-existing consumer rights products (offered by Browder’s company) and determines the various possible responses. For example, if a user receives a spam email from an old gym, DoNotPay will allow the user to unsubscribe from this service with one click. Also, if an airline notifies the user about possible problems in the flight, the bot would automatically initiate the process of a refund. It also has the potential to track existing class-action lawsuits against corporations which might benefit users. 

Currently, this MLaaS (Machine Learning as a Service) is charged at $3 per month. However, it has a stellar record to demand this fee. In June 2020, the company completed solving 1 million cases and saved $30m for its customers. i 

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