Japanese smart card ‘Pasmo’ to be available on iPhone and Apple Watch in 2020

Japanese smart card Pasmo and Apple Pay
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Pasmo, the Japanese rechargeable smart card, which enables users to make swift payments to transport and retail services, will soon be available on Apple devices. The Pasmo council announced plans to make the service available on Apple Pay in 2020. 

The service is scheduled to be available on iOS devices like the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Apple Pay on iOS will be used to make payments to transportation services and other retailers. This provision is all set to be added to Pasmo in 2020.

With the iPhone and Apple Watch, you will be able to use trains and buses for transportation as well as shopping with electronic money, just as you can with the PASMO transportation IC card”, the local announcement reads.

Pasmo originally is a contactless smart card service but has also been available as an Android app since March 2020. This allowed Android users to procure all smart cards and payment services on their smartphones. 

By installing the mobile PASMO application on compatible terminals, you can use trains and buses and shop with electronic money just like the current card-type PASMO, as well as charge with a credit card, purchase a commuter pass…, the Pasmo Android announcement says.

Pasmo is used proactively in Tokyo to render quick payments for public transport services. It was initially issued as a smart card, which would be connected to a bank account. Later, the smart card provider added it’s app to make the payment system smoother.

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