Huawei Honor 30 to offer dual-scene Camera recording feature

Huawei Honor 30 to offer dual-scene Camera recording feature

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  • Huawei’s Honor 30 smartphone will offer extra benefits for photography lovers compared to its previous versions.
  • The phone will have a dual-camera where users can use the front and rear camera to record videos simultaneously on both.
  • The images will be side-to-side as well as a picture within another picture.

Huawei owned Honor 30 might change your entire Instagram game by taking it up a notch. The Honor 30 range was announced on April 15 this year, however, it revealed a few new features for users, as reported by local media IT Home.

One of the most impressive ones being the camera which will be unlike the ones in the market at the moment. What sets it apart is that it will enable users to shoot a video or take images from the front and back cameras at the same time in a way that the front and rear screens appear in the mobile phone frame simultaneously for you to create interesting content.

Its dual-view recording function will be supported by 1080P dual HD output of both – the front and the rear lens as well as it also a 1X~15X zoom. The visuals from both cameras will be side-by-side. In addition, they would also appear as “picture-in-picture”.

In addition, the report revealed that the dual-view video includes four major features which include recording feelings, creative co-production, a perfect frame for both visuals, and double-view picture-in-picture.

As for when one can get their hands on the phone, that’s a bit unclear. However, whenever it does get released, one thing we can be sure of is that the US won’t see it in its stores given the ongoing Huawei ban.

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