Huawei CEO confirms company is working on 6G already

Huawei CEO confirms the company is working on 6G already

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Back in January, during an interview at the company’s headquarters in Shenzhen, founder, and chief executive officer of Huawei Technologies, Ren Zhengfei revealed that the Chinese tech giant Huawei has already begun research and development of 6G.

Right now, we are in the 4G mobile network and slowly and steadily we are moving towards 5G. 5G promises super-fast data speeds along with other capabilities. So far, 5G has been started to roll out in countries like South Korea, U.K., and China but they are not available in large scale yet.

This Thursday, at the CNBC-hosted panel, Ren Zhengfei said: “We have parallel work being done on 5G and 6G, so we started out 6G a long time ago.” He further commented that “it is in an early phase and there’s still a long way to go before commercialization”. According to Ren, 6G technology is still “ten years out.”

It should be noted that a number of things such as setting up industry standards need to take place before 6G becomes a reality. In reality, setting up industry standards might take a handful of years to get fully completed. Moreover, there is also concern that why 6G will be needed.

Huawei CEO confirms company is working on 6G already
Huawei 6G

As of now, the Chinese tech giant is focusing solely on the improvement of 5G,. So far, Huawei has signed more than 50 commercial 5G contracts which is more than Huawei’s closest competitors Nokia and Ericsson.

The US has accused import of Chinese goods, especially technical gadgets as a national security risk. The US has also forward the theory that China could build backdoors into its networking equipment to allow the Chinese government to spy on Americans but companies like Huawei have throughout denied the allegations.

It is reported that Huawei has been parallels working on both 5G and 6G technologies simultaneously. What do you think about the Huawei 6G? Still, lots of people haven’t even witnessed the 5G connectivity, still the company is already working on 6G research. Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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