France completes 500 active 5G antennas, with more underway 

France completes 500 active 5G Antennas, with more underway
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France has reported more than 500 active 5G antennas in the country in prominent cities and suburbs. This news comes only a week after French President Emmanuel Macron voiced his clear support for the next-gen connectivity, and stated that he would facilitate all the needs of 5G tech. French citizens can even access a map which locates all active 5G antennas.

Following the completion of 500 active 5G antennas in France, the nation is all set for another 5G auction. Reportedly, it will take place on September 29, and is expected to garner more participation from international telecom companies. 

The capital city of Paris hosts more than 100 active antennas, followed by Marseille, which holds 98. Other large cities like Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux, and Toulouse also have active 5G antennas.

Would Orange 5G prevail in France?

Global connectivity provider Orange is responsible for erecting more than 60% (367) of the currently active 5G antennas in France. The company has hired Ericsson and Nokia as OEMs to deploy its 5G radio access network in France and to strengthen the current 2G, 3G, and 4G networks in three regions of the country. 

However, recent reports suggested that Orange is mired in internal conflicts about the rollout of 5G in France. A group of Orange employees allegedly circulated memos stating that the advent of 5G would have a negative impact on the environment. Another memo suggested that all the profits after the 5G rollout would go to smartphone manufacturers, app platforms, and to the government. 

The future of 5G in France would be clear after the upcoming auction.

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