Elon Musk tweets about possible fun update to Tesla Autopilot Display

Elon Musk tweets about possible fun update to Tesla Autopilot Display

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Tesla motors have a knack of making customers drop their jaws open with their state-of-the-art features and equipment. The Autopilot Display fitted inside a Tesla, able to navigate, steer, and in-essence, completely drive your car, is one such feature.

This display shows the driver an animated view of the road ahead, with all cars showing the same generic shape and design while referring to the user’s car by its make, model, and color. Many Tesla customers have tweeted to Elon Musk, asking for improvement in the autopilot display. They have asked for the Autopilot display to get a feature to identify other Teslas on the road in the same way(make, model, color).

Elon Musk replied to one such query on twitter, where someone asked him whether the new Cybertruck Ute would come equipped with a better Autopilot display. Musk replied

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This is good news for all Tesla users because this is grounds for speculation about an update for all Tesla Autopilot Displays, where one can now identify other Tesla cars on the road by their make, model, and color.

While it is fair to expect an updated Autopilot display on the Cybertruck, it would not be right to dwell on just one of Musk’s tweets for an updated interface. 

However, Tesla has constantly been aiming to be a class apart from other automakers, and this added feature might just be a step in the same direction. 

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