Don't pay a logo designer - Do it yourself online

Don’t pay a logo designer – Do it yourself online

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Your small business needs a unique logo to stand out from the crowd, and to carry your brand message to your audience. At the same time, like every other small business, you may be working off a strict budget where even something as necessary as a logo seems like an expense you can’t take on. And you certainly don’t have the big bucks to pay for a logo designer. Luckily, you don’t have to! It’s possible now to design your own logo using an online logo maker.

Online logo makers are simple to use, deceptively simple. The interfaces are intuitive and easy to navigate, and you have hundreds of choices in design, colors, text, and shape. With these tools in hand, you can create the perfect logo that embodies your vision and message. And yet, this marvelous simplicity is the product of some fantastic new technology, including cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI), which let you produce stunning designs even if you don’t have any artistic training.

Why design your own logo?

It’s only recent advances in technology that have made it possible for anyone – small business owners, school groups, fundraisers – to create their own logos using online logo makers. For a long time before this happened, logo making was the preserve of professional designers who had the training and software to produce the designs. As you can imagine, this was a cumbersome process that required a considerable investment of time and money. This actually put professional quality logos out of reach for many small business owners.

Don't pay a logo designer - Do it yourself online
Don’t pay a logo designer – Do it yourself online

With changes in technology like cloud computing, high speed internet and the development of AI, the design process has become much more accessible, and more affordable too. In fact it takes less than half an hour to create a logo design using an online logo maker. Speed and affordability are important considerations, but there are other reasons as well to create your own logo online.

Your logo is your leading brand ambassador, and speaks for your business and what it stands for, carrying your message far and wide. It can be used on billboards, in advertising, on social media online, in packaging, on stationery and merchandise, and in many other ways. So designing your logo is also an intensely personal matter, where you want to have control over the creative process.

That’s exactly what online logo makers, using powerful new design tools, put in your hands. You can first design your ideal logo in your mind or on a sketchbook, and then bring it to life using online tools. AI helps and enhances this process, but it works behind the scenes. So before we look at how online logo makers work, let’s check out the technology that makes them possible.

What does AI have to do with logo design?

Online logo makers use the power of technology – cloud computing, high-speed internet and AI – to put powerful design tools in your hands. You may be wondering what AI has to do with logo design, and the answer is, actually, quite a lot. In fact AI has quite a lot to do with many of our online experiences, from shopping to online learning, though we’re rarely aware of it.

AI has been defined as highly efficient pattern-matching software, and that’s actually how it’s used to help in the design process. It simplifies both technology and design, making it possible for people to build their own websites, do their own online marketing, and create stunning visual designs. It supports and enhances human efforts to perform online tasks, whether they’re shopping, using maps, looking for books in a catalog, or creating a logo design. The AI program learns to identify your preferences and provide suggestions for alternates and complementary choices, expanding your capabilities.

When using an online logo maker, you begin by typing in some information about your business, your goals, and your style preferences. That’s when the AI gets to work and pulls up hundreds of logo design suggestions that match your preferences. Once you’ve picked a design that speaks to your vision, AI continues to help you to refine it by helping choose the right colors, font styles and sizing.

The emphasis in AI is on enhancing the human effort, so you get a design that is true to your vision without sacrificing quality. So you can make your own professional-quality logo without having to pay a designer. Working with a designer can be expensive, time-consuming and occasionally frustrating because let’s face it, artists can be temperamental. AI-aided logo designs help you skip all those problems, stay within budget, and end up with the logo of your dreams.

How it actually works

Well, that’s the theory, but how does it work in practice? Is it as easy as we’re making it sound? If anything, it’s actually easier, and you can create your own logo in under half an hour, at a very low cost. For example, let’s take a look at how the popular LogoMyWay online LogoMaker ( works.

LogoMyWay is one of the most popular online logo makers out there, and it’s easy to see why. To begin with, you don’t have to download or install any software. You can work entirely online and design your logo on their website. The process of designing a logo has both technical and artistic elements, and the logo maker can help you with both.

You begin by typing the name you want to appear on your logo, and the fun begins. Almost like magic, you’re offered hundreds of images that match your name. This is the magic of AI at work, though the images have all been created by professional designers. You can add your tag line at this stage, and choose the image you’d like to work with.

The next step is to customize your logo, where you can choose fonts and colors and add details like lines and swooshes. You can play around with the different options until you have the perfect design, and then all you have to do is buy your logo. You get to preview your design, and once you’ve paid for the logo design, you can download the high-quality vector files and start using them right away. It really is that simple, and you have the option to copyright your logo as well.

Getting help

As we said when designing a logo you have to keep in mind aesthetic and branding considerations as well as the technical aspects. The LogoMyWay site also has a very helpful blog with advice on all stages of logo making from design conception and branding to information on color theory and choosing the right font. In fact, you’ll find the entire process is not just easy but time well spent thinking about your brand and vision.

So designing your own logo is not only less expensive and time-consuming than paying a designer to do it for you – it also helps boost your branding and marketing efforts. And best of all, choosing to design your own logo doesn’t close off the option of working with a professional designer at some later stage, if you decide to enhance or change your design.

Online logo makers have simplified the design process to create a professional quality logo design, even if they don’t have any artistic or technical skills. AI helps in this process, as it does in so many other ways of which we’re unaware. For business owners, the merging of technology and design adds real power to your branding and marketing capabilities.

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