Blockchain firm Realio launches new equity token to boost its DeFi network

With an aim to aid the global retail investment community with cash-generating investment opportunities, Realio launches first hybrid equity token RST
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It’s no secret that DeFi asset prices have been soaring with the average price doubling and even going up three times just this past month. The number of DeFi unicorns too are on a high with firms such as Uniswap worth $5.5bn having processed $30bn of trading volume in January 2021.

Now, the platform for institutional grade digital assets Realio, announced the launch of its Realio Security Token (RST), which “provides investors with equity and shared revenue derived from Realio’s real world, tokenized assets.” RST will be the first digital security issued on the platform as a multi-chain asset.

Available on the Algorand, Ethereum, and Stellar blockchains, RST users – which includes investors and non-Americans – can get up to 17 million tokens.

The firm will be providing fractional ownership of the legal entity on its platform to credible investors who will then be able to capitalize on the token for profit.

“Realio’s platform creates value for investors by affording a DeFi rail to real-world assets and through the provision of white-label technologies,” the blockchain-based SaaS firm said, adding that it will tokenize and offer assets through the platform, therefore, ensuring the “highest quality opportunities for its investors.”

Additionally, Realio kickstarted a $100mm tokenized fund focused on low-cost Bitcoin mining. This will be possible through modern cooling technology.

It’s easy to see why CEO and Realio founder Derek Boirun is bullish that DeFi protocols will be far larger than current financial institutions in the future. “Our current hybrid STO opens the door for investors to participate in a vehicle that scales with the platform and network, and provides an opportunity to enjoy the utility benefits of the token that work to generate additional yield through DeFi and network validation,” he said.

According to him, the fact that DeFi technology works sans borders unaffected by democratized economics, it will scale quicker than fintech players expect. “The Realio platform provides a truly unique opportunity to investors to gain access to real world assets via tokenized mechanisms in the DeFi space and yield rewards via the network’s liquidity protocols,” he added.

The trillion dollar question is that will the new equity token be a viable long-term value?

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