Bitcoin Scam makes a return, CarryMinati’s Channel ‘CarryisLive’ Hacked

CarryMinati’s Channel ‘CarryisLive’ Hacked
CarryMinati’s Channel ‘CarryisLive’ Hacked
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Popular Youtuber Ajey Nagar, known online as CarryMinati, got his YouTube livestream account hacked. He reported this himself, asking for assistance on Twitter. Ajey’s second YouTube channel called ‘CarryisLive’ was hacked. He uses this account to livestream his gaming videos. 

The hack occurred in the early hours of Saturday, July 25, and was reported by fans viewing the stream. Carry’s tweet in the wee hours of the morning got a reply from YouTube, who then guided him to do the necessary damage control.

Bitcoin scam reporting
Source: Twitter

The hacker ran a Bitcoin scam, asking viewers to donate to particular accounts, via Bitcoin and Ethereum. Hackers reportedly changed the description of the livestream and prompted bitcoin-related messages to show up. 

The hack seems sinister because it closely follows the Twitter hacking of many famous personalities, including Bill Gates and Elon Musk. That incident was also stated to be a crypto-related scam.

In that scam, the culprits posted tweets on behalf of Gates and Musk stated a Bitcoin wallet address along with the promise of sending back double the amount of BTC if a user sends a certain amount to the designated wallet first. The scam appeared to happen in two rounds, wherein the scammers posted similar Bitcoin-scamming tweets for the second time from both Gates’ and Musk’s accounts after their first tweets were deleted. 

Hackers of CarryisLive pulled the same trick by asking viewers to donate cryptocurrency to the wallet address. CarryMinati himself, along with a barrage of fans, took to Twitter to publicize this affair. Carry’s fans held YouTube cybersecurity responsible, and retaliated in the form of memes. Some responses were particularly hilarious.

The hacked video seems to have disappeared – either taken down by YouTube or not posted by CarryMinati himself. His primary channel called “CarryMinati” seems to be unharmed.

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