The Apps That Are Revolutionizing Home Security

The Apps That Are Revolutionizing Home Security
The Apps That Are Revolutionizing Home Security
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Crime is on the rise every year, yet incredibly only 38% of Americans have any kind of security product in their home, and 75% of Brits have no security alarm. A recent survey found that the main motivation for security was simply for personal protection and to keep belongings safe from theft.

Hopefully, there will be an increase in people investing in home security though, as technology improves and new software is developed. There is no longer the need for a bulky alarm system wired up to your home – there are plenty of new apps on the market that can help protect families in their homes.

Doorbell apps

The Apps That Are Revolutionizing Home Security
The Apps That Are Revolutionizing Home Security

There have been a number of doorbell apps on the market for a while. Being able to see exactly who is at the door before you answer it is extremely important. You can also find out if anyone is snooping around your front door if you are out. The most prominent app on the market is for the Ring doorbell. This can be controlled and monitored from your smartphone or tablet. There is a two-way talk system, and the notifications are motion-activated.

Wifi Video Doorbell is another great app that is available for Android devices – if there is motion detected whilst you are out, it will make a call straight to your cell phone.

Security camera apps

Sometimes it’s not just your front door that you want to be monitored, but other areas of your home and yard. Twenty years ago this would involve installing a bulky system at great expense. Now you can easily install a wireless camera that can be controlled simply by an app.

Industry experts DSC recommends using a video surveillance app that can be easily integrated into your home. Reolink is a really efficient app that works with IP cameras. It enables you to watch camera footage no matter where you are in the world, at any time of the day or night. Ivideon is another popular choice and gives you the option to save data on the cloud.

Intruder alarm apps

Intruder alarms are generally triggered by motion and sound. They are a simple way of protecting your home and alerting you and your neighbors to unwanted visitors. Controlling this type of alarm via a smartphone is incredibly convenient, especially if your alarm is occasionally triggered by household pets. iSentry is a good option that is easy to set up – it will work easily with a web camera attached to your home P.C. AtHome is another good option, streaming data directly to your smartphone.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth in order to keep your home safe. An app is a simple and cost-effective way of protecting you, your family and your personal possessions.

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