EOZ Arc – The stylish ANC headphones giving promising result (Review)

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After setting a standard of quality headphones and buds, EOZ is back with EOZ Arc, a stunning product available on Kickstarters. Luckily, I got a unit for a review and it turns out it is one of the best I have used so far.

The EOZ Arc offers a 24 hours playback time, Super Light & a luxury all-metal design, Bluetooth 5.0 supported along with CVC technology for clear call quality & more.

Unboxing EOZ Arc

The retail box of EOZ Arc is super light given the fact that these headphones are just 230 grams in weight. The box contains the EOZ Arc headphones, a USB-C Cable, EOZ membership card, Headphone jack 3.5mm, and a vegan leather pouch.



On the face of it, it does look a lot similar to any other headphones but it isn’t. It uses an aluminum alloy for its construction. It fits right on your ears, it has an adjustable headband that slides to give extra headroom while a notch prevents an attached wire from stretching beyond it should. The hardware buttons and ANC switch is located on the back of earcups that comes handy.

Build quality

First and foremost, I tried the EOZ Arc for several days. It has a luxury all-metal design with an alloy made up of Aluminum, Magnesium, and Silica mounted into a single piece that offers durability, machinable, damped, high resonance, and it is super light. The headband has a cushion layer allowing for comfortable rest on your head while the earcups are deep allows ears to adjust in the muffs for a better comfort and music listening experience.


The lightweight aluminum takes the excess load of a headphone off although you might feel something is pushing against your ears if you haven’t set it up properly.


Even if a headphone has the best quality of music, comfort is an integral aspect of it. EOZ Arc does have an aircraft-grade aluminum construction, it has laid out a sustainable layer of cushion both under the headband and on the earcups. These cushioned sections ease the pressure while elevating comfortness to the next level. Moreover, it is properly ventilated and thanks to a vegan leather over the cushions, it prevents sweating and any discomfort following it.


EOZ Arc offers a high-performance Active Noise Cancellation and it works. Although it doesn’t muffle all the sounds in our surroundings, it muffles more than 50% of the external sound so that you can enjoy a world-class music listening experience. You can engage ANC when the music isn’t playing to cancel out the external sound for meditation or be at peace with yourself.


You can call Google Assistant, Alexa, Bixby, and Siri with just a push of a button that makes life somewhat easy. The EOZ Arc is engineered with the latest Qualcomm Chipset QCC 3005 which is compatible with APTX codec and has Bluetooth 5.0 enabled that is much faster than other headphones in this segment but with Bluetooth 4.2 offers.

Next up, it is USB Type-C enabled which means it can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled system including iPhones, Android smartphones, Mac and Windows, Smart TVs.


What makes EOZ Arc a product you must consider is its excellent battery life. I tested it for a few hours and the battery didn’t even flinch. It has a perfect 24 to 25 hours of battery life on a single charge which is a day worth of continuous music playback so you are in for a treat with it.

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