Apple Event 2020: AirTags could be the disruptive dark horse this year

Apple event 2020
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2020 has been a year of ups and downs for everyone in the tech sector, and Apple Inc. is no exception. The Mountainview based giant experienced increased sales globally, thanks to the surge in demand for consumer gadgets emanating from work-from-home culture. Despite this, the company had to delay the launch of iPhone 12 and other important signature gadgets.

Finally, we’re back on track on the Apple calendar with the September event due to happen in a few hours. The buzz around it is high, and everyone is looking forward to every new thing that Tim Cook and Co. have to offer. 

AirTags, the disruptors?

Speculation is rife that the company is expected to launch AirTags, a Bluetooth tracking device. With this new gadget, Apple seeks to tackle a problem that has not been explored before by any tech giant. 

Leaker Jon Prosser put forth a concept render of the AirTags in a YouTube video. The product is essentially a tile-like Bluetooth tracking device designed to stick to personal objects, which would be seen and observed in the Find My app. The Tags are expected to be slightly larger in size than a bottle cap.

Prosser has also stated that Apple will later sell a small leather pouch – slightly smaller than a keychain – for consumers to carry their AirTags. The tags will be powered by an ultrawide-band U1 chip, and Apple is expected to enrol the chip in its usual features as well.

According to a recent tweet by Michael Flarup, an industry veteran, the controller for AirTags will look something like a minuscule remote-control. It is expected to be called the ‘Use-case’ for AirTags.

It is exciting to see Apple venture into unconventional spaces and breathe innovation there. Definitely we’ll develop goosebumps when Tim Cook takes the stage in a few hours from the time of writing this story. 

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