More than 600 organizations become victim of Ransomware attacks, report says

More than 600 organizations become victim of Ransomware attacks, report says
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Where there is the internet, there is the possibility of data leaks. This statement stands true today, with the advent of Ransomware groups. Recently, ‘DarkTracer’, a watchdog-of-sorts of the dark web, reported that there were 605 organizations which had experienced data leaks due to ransomware. 

Reportedly, a total of 14 ransomware groups were responsible for these attacks. These included prominent groups like Maze, Conti, and NetWalker, which carried out a significantly high frequency of attacks. 

More than 600 organizations beco
Image credit: Twitter/Dark Tracer

NetWalker, a malware-for-hire, has been involved in a frenzy of attacks on both public and private infrastructures. It has been held responsible for attacking cybersecurity firm Cygilant recently.

Prominent victims

The list of 605 organizations includes companies from all kinds of industry – from automotive firms to venture capitalists. Many of these businesses decided to not pay the ransom, and have since faced data leakages. 

A prime example is that of ransomware group Nefilim, which claimed an attack on ‘Burger King Jamaica. When Burger King refused to pay the ransom, Nefilim started leaking classified information onto the dark web. 

Interestingly, ransomware hackers leave no industry in their assaults. They did not flinch before attacking the Fairfax County Public Schools. Specifically, Ransomware group ‘Maze’ claimed responsibility for this mass offensive, and an investigation for the same is underway. Furthermore, the same group attacked an Indian food-chain retailer called ‘Haldiram Snacks’ in July. 

Another ransomware group ‘Conti’ hacked public sector organizations like the Louisiana District Court and the Florida Chamber of Commerce, leaking classified documents online. The Indian Authority for National Highways (NHAI) was also a victim of Maze’.What’s more, German automotive master Volkswagen was another Maze victim, as was the Xerox corporation.  

Most dangerous of them all

The ransomware group names ‘Maze’ topped the charts among the 14 groups that were named in this report. The maze was responsible for one-third (205) of the total reported data leaks. Following suit was Sodinokibi, with 80 scalps, and Conti with 77. 

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