The Boring Company digs near LA, could connect it to Las Vegas via underground highway
Image credit: Tunnel Insider

Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk seems to be designing the future with his grip on the automobile and space industries. He also has shown interest in redesigning the urban traffic system using The Boring Company, which he founded in 2016. This venture has been focusing on ‘underground loop systems’ that will prevent traffic congestion and provide a solution to current two-dimensional traffic systems.

Recent photos, emerging from the desert in Adelanto, California, show The Boring Company machinery working next to large tents. This could be a hint at an upcoming expansion in the loop system. Theories are floating around, which say that Musk is working to connect the cities of Las Vegas and Los Angeles using the underground loop system. 

Adelanto is located between these two megacities, closer to LA than to Vegas. Also, a tunnel connecting the two cities would have to be found in or around Adelanto. 

Not so boring plans 

Musk has grand plans for the Vegas Loop. The website illuminates the purpose – “Vegas Loop will include LVCC Loop and any future service extensions including those to casinos along the Strip, McCarran International Airport, Allegiant Stadium, downtown Las Vegas, and eventually to Los Angeles.

The map on the website clearly shows an arrowhead saying “to Los Angeles”. This could mean that The Boring Company is indeed planning to bridge the two cities. 

Boring company's Vegas Loop connection between LA and Las Vegas
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The website for the Las Vegas loop says that “Vegas Loop extensions beyond LVCC Loop will operate at speeds of up to 155 mph.” This means the 400-odd kilometre journey will be reduced in time significantly.   

The underground loop technology is already in development at a smaller scale in the Las Vegas Convention Centre (LVCC), where it will have three stations to ensure greater connectivity and speed. The Boring Company claims that it will reduce the time taken to go from the New Exhibit Hall to the Central Hall to just 1 minute (from the first 15 minutes).

Las Vegas Convention Center Loop
Las Vegas Convention Center Loop | Image credit:

The Dugout Loop in LA is another Boring Company project that is aimed at reducing traffic and helping baseball fans or concertgoers get a fast passage to the Dodger Stadium. 

Job listings on the Boring Company website include jobs at Adelanto, which means that the company is doing some serious work in the desert, and we can expect great things soon. 

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