Tesla Model 3 sells 35000+ units in June, retains top spot in Electric Vehicle (EV) sales

Tesla Model 3 sells 35000+ units in June, 2020
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Tesla Model 3 took the top spot yet again in the global sales list for Electric vehicles. It sold 35,854 units in June, accounting for almost 15% of global EV sales.

During this time, the automotive sector was down by 22%, but with approximately 230,000 vehicles registered, June was still the best month for Tesla. 

Model 3 shows an indomitable lead compared to the Renault Zoe at second place with 10,553 units sold. 

The Model 3, which has sold 142,346 units in 2020, is accompanied by the Tesla Model Y for the first time in the top-20 list, with 7500 units sold in June itself and 13,415 units sold in 2020. Model Y is followed by the Model X, showing its presence on the list with 3599 June sales. 

EV Sales, June 2020
EV Sales Record, June 2020| Source: EV Sales

Tesla, being responsible for 20% of total EV sales with 3 of its models on the top 20- sales list, simply washes away the competition in the global market. 

“Given the popularity of the SUV vehicle segment, we are planning for Model Y capacity to be at least equivalent to Model 3 capacity,” Tesla said in the Q4 2019 Earnings Update.

China and South Korea help bump Tesla sales

Tesla Model 3
Tesla Store, China | Image credit: CNBC

With growing markets like China and South Korea, Tesla is likely to come up with new products and increase their presence all over the globe. The company is already creating ripples in China, with 11,095 Model 3 cars sold in China in May and 14,954 in June 2020.

Morning Tick has previously reported about Tesla sales and services in South Korea, and clearly, Asia is a part of Elon Musk’s futuristic vision.

The futuristic automaker is one of the few companies to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic with profits in both quarters of 2020. This speaks for the quality of Tesla’s service and hints at an ‘electric’ future of the automobile sector.

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