Elon Musk credits to Aliens for building Pyramids
Elon Musk credits to Aliens for building Pyramids | Image credit: Morning Tick

Elon Musk is well-known for his ecstatic and wholehearted twitter feed, where he makes sure that his fans know his thoughts on technology, space, science, and occasionally, ‘aliens.’ In his latest tweeting spree, the Tesla boss said, “Aliens built the pyramids obv,” triggering fans’ frenzy resorting to memes.

Twitterati took no time to notice this piece of literature, immediately showing it with memes – a millennial method of praise and courtesy. Some hilarious responses included memes saying “just because white people couldn’t do it” and some including a picture of famous cartoon monster Mike Wazowski looking sad with the caption “the Egyptians who spent years working on it.”

Another Twitter user shared a gif of the popular comic characters Minions coming up with the pyramids, while another sarcastic user claimed that the Transformer villains ‘Decepticons’ built them.

Pop icon MachineGunKelly replied to Musk’s tweet saying, “obv…i just said this about Stonehenge 6 hours ago”.

Some other hilarious responses were :

Elon Musk has a persona that is very popular on social media, and he is often compared to fictional characters like Tony Stark, who sports an eccentric persona. Elon usually stops the flow of serious discussion by putting forth tweets like this and imprints his image of a modern tech boss upon all of Twitter.


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