The city of Shanghai was host to the ChinaJoy 2020 fest as it went into its 18th year. It is an exposition stage for many tech companies to launch new products. This year’s theme is “Super Dare to Play”, and was held on July 31.

OPPO played a goliath role in this fest, lifting the curtain over a 125W Super Flash Charging technology. They also launched the 65W Wireless Flash charger and the portable 50W Super Flash Biscuit charger. 

ColorOS gets mods for gaming efficiency

OPPO’s ColorOS is based on Google’s Android, and now ColorOS is all set to get an update that will let users understand their gameplay and help them improve. ColorOS participated in ChinaJoy ‘19 where they unveiled “Dual Wi-Fi Technology” and “Game Color Plus”.

ChinaJoy 2020
ChinaJoy 2020

This year’s ColorOS update is going to be called the “Super Play Report”. The system is designed to display the user’s operating frequency and effective range to help gamers improve their operational awareness. 

Data regarding network situation and body composition will also be available. This will help users to decide whether they need to enable network acceleration and ‘mobile e-sports’ mode. The Super Play Report has only one goal – increase the win rate.

ColorOS has consistently provided consumers with quality gaming features like “Game Barrare”, “Game Pre- Download”, and “4D Game Vibration”. 


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