Android app Google Play Services reaches 10 billion installs
Google Play Services | Image credit: Morning Tick

We must remember that the world’s population is not more than 8 billion, and yet Google Play Services has just broken through that ceiling and recorded 10 billion installs, according to the latest data from Google Play Store. 

The App has been pre-installed in every Android smartphone since 2012, which can explain the wild number. Moreover, resetting factory settings in a device has been known to inflate the records, and Android is installed on approximately 2.5 billion devices. Nonetheless, it is a significant achievement for Google’s App to cross 10 billion installs.

Google play services crosses 10 billion

Play Services is a necessary application in the Android roster because it enables a large number of important features. It runs continuously in the background of your Android device and manages tasks like Push Notifications, or asking for permission when an app wants to use your location. It is a suite of APIs and Google Android services and is a part of Google Mobile Services (GMS). 

The ‘Play Store and Play Services‘ duo is a harmonious marriage that is a bare necessity for an Android phone. Play Store allows you to get the apps and Play Services allows you to use the app successfully.

Google has also used this app to roll out newer competitive apps (for beta versions). Apps like ‘Nearby Sharing‘, which is Google’s competition for Apple‘s AirDrop, have been put in users’ hands under updates of Google Play Services. It completed 5 billion installs in 2017. 

Google’s listing for Google Play Services reads “This component provides core functionality like authentication to your Google services, synchronized contacts, access to all the latest user privacy settings, and higher quality, lower-powered location-based services. Google Play services also enhance your app experience. It speeds up offline searches, provides more immersive maps, and improves gaming experiences. Apps may not work if you uninstall Google Play services.”

Just the last line in that listing is enough to convey the importance of this app. 

The increasing use of smartphones in the Coronavirus pandemic increases the usage of Google Play Services directly. More people using Android ultimately results in more installations of this App, and that might explain the milestone. 

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