Mobile network operator MTS becomes the first to gain 5G license
St. Basil's Cathedral Moscow, Russia | Image credit: Pixabay

MTS becomes the first mobile network operator to obtain a 5G license in Russia. It is functional in 24.25 – 24.65 GHz mm-Wave Band under the 5G/IMT-2020 standard. 

The license issued by the Russian Federal Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media Supervision Agency (Roskomnadzor) will enable the network operator to expand the high-speed connectivity to 83 regions of Russia. The validity is up till July 16, 2025.

The initial recipients of the new network will be corporate customers and large manufacturing businesses. The company had not specified a particular time frame for 5G launch. 

“For MTS, 5G will be a key enabler in developing our digital ecosystem –in particularly by unlocking new automation opportunities for B2B customers,” said MTS President and CEO Alexey Kornya.

The Russian network operator is also planning to develop an array of 5G-based solutions for the corporate world. 

MTS operations in Russia 

This year, MTS is preparing to make a capital investment of 90 billion rubles in Russia and other regions. In the first half of the year, its total cash capital expenditure amounted to 20.2 billion rubles along with a group cash/sales ratio of 16:9 percent. 

With a goal to strengthen its network infrastructure and provide quality services to customers, the company has launched more than 3,800 base stations across 69 Russia regions, among which 3,300 are 4G powered. 

Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) is currently functional in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine and Turkmenistan. With a subscriber base of nearly 100 million, the company additionally provides fixed-line telephony and cable television services in Russia and Ukraine.


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