Forbes most valuable Brands 2019-20
Forbes most valuable Brands 2019-20 | Image credit: Morning Tick

The Forbes list for most valuable brands in 2019-20 features an array of companies from the Technology industry, with 20 making their presence felt in top 100. With a brand value of $241.2 billion, Apple has topped the list. Google with $207.5 billion and Microsoft with $163 billion were the first and second runners-up, respectively.

Closely following suit was Amazon in fourth place and Facebook in fifth. This means that the top 5 companies on the list are all from the tech sector, adding to the importance of development in technology.

The list has the 100 most valuable brands in total worth $2.54 trillion, up from $2.33 trillion last year.

“Companies including Amazon, Netflix and PayPal all show substantial gains in brand value since last year’s list, falling in line with trends related to e-commerce, streaming and digital payments,” Forbes said on Monday.

Nintendo, Burger King, Hennessy and AXA were new entrants to the list, while Philips, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Nissan and Kellogg’s lost their spots.

Adidas(15%), Netflix(72%), and Chanel(42%) showed significant growth, while Facebook(-21%), General Electric(-14%), and IBM(-10%) saw significant losses in valuation

Forbes most valuable Brands 2019-20 Ranking: 

Rank Company Brand Value
1 Apple $241.2 bn
2 Google $207.5 bn
3 Microsoft $162.9 bn
4 Amazon $135.4 bn
5 Facebook $70.3 bn
6 Coca-Cola $64.4 bn
7 Disney $61.3 bn
8 Samsung $50.4 bn
9 Louis Vuitton $47.2 bn
10 McDonald’s $46.1 bn

Huawei is the sole Chinese corp

The only Chinese tech company to make the top 100 list was Huawei. Ranked 93rd on the list, they registered $8.5 billion in brand value and $188.6 billion in brand revenue.

The tech sector was the most common in the rankings with 20 companies, followed by 14 in financial services, 11 in auto and eight in retail.


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