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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge 84 is the latest browser to put a leash on its website notifications by adding the ‘Quiet Notification requests’ feature. Edge 84 will now host the ability to put all received notifications under one bell icon in the taskbar. This will save users from the constant pop-up notifications, and enable them to find all their updates and notifs in one place by clicking the bell icon.

The new feature is installed by default in the latest updated version of Edge 84. Google and Mozilla also have features that keep notifications in check in their respective browsers, Chrome and Firefox.

The updated feature does not remove advertisements, but only navigates pop-up notifications to the bell icon. It cannot completely block notifs, because many people need to be notified about specific things, like their calendar updates for example. This effectively filters notifications instead of blocking them outright, like Chrome’s feature, while still delivering less irritating alerts for users who don’t wish to be bombarded with pop-up windows. 

Notifications from any website will also be cataloged under the bell icon, where a user has the option to enable them for that specific website.

The user can deactivate this by going to  “edge://settings/content/notifications” and turning off the ‘Quiet notification requests’ setting. Microsoft has addressed a very real problem faced by many users – being heckled by pop-up notifications. 

Toast Notifications

Microsoft is also looking at a new way to handle Toast Notifications, i.e. the ones that rise up from below in the Action Centre in Windows 10 and can quickly stack up. This is reported as a problem by many users.

As a solution, Microsoft is planning to introduce the Edge 85, which will hold these toast notifications for 25 seconds, after which they will disappear. This will reduce the problem of getting overwhelmed with notifications and will save the users a lot of time and effort of manually dismissing those they don’t need to see.

The company says it will provide more information about this change soon, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

It is refreshing to see Microsoft making changes in its services by looking at user feedback. We can look forward to smoother and more efficient services from Microsoft. 


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