Huawei kenya

It is essential for everyone, especially the young, to keep abreast of the latest technology. To add to this, the new 5G connectivity is slowly spreading its reach across the globe. In Kenya, Huawei gave virtual training to over 240 students for the upcoming 5G connectivity.  Students from 13 universities, including the University of Nairobi, JKUAT, Strathmore, and Zetech University, were part of the six-day long online training. It was initiated to strengthen the technological understanding of the country. 

The Chinese smartphone company identified the pressing need to be aware and familiar with the new technology and thus the online training for students was initiated. 

The program, which was conducted in two parts, was packed with 90 minutes of lecture, 2 hours interactive session, and a question-answer round spanning 30 minutes. This schedule was repeated each day with different groups. 

Huawei global specialist Ding Yajie gave the students a basic understanding of the new technology.  He covered varied topics like 5G application, uses, challenges, architecture, and deployment scenario. 

The students well received the training. “The course helped to compound the knowledge I have about networking in general and in wireless technology,” said Evans Kiprotich, a student.

5G connectivity has heightened expectations in Kenya, where it hopes to strengthen the country’s economic and social sectors. 

Moreover, countries worldwide have recognized the importance of high-speed 5G connectivity and have already started making plans to utilize it for creating both jobs and economic output. 

This year, 5G was introduced in more than 80 global networks which potentially reached 70 million subscribers. This is commendable when compared to what 4G has achieved. 


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