Samsung launches wireless studio-quality headphones
Samsung launches wireless studio-quality headphones. Image credit: Samsung

Samsung on Thursday introduced its premium quality wireless headphone series. The newly launched, named  Y600 NC and Y400, are designed using AKG audio technology where users get to experience multidimensional tones that are deep in bass and rich in mid-range.” The on-ear headphones are now available on the company’s official mall and other platforms, including Amazon. 

Y600 NC – the premium noise-canceling headphones

For those wanting to have a smooth and hassle-free listening experience, Y600 NC is the perfect choice. With active noise canceling and Talk Thru technology, the on-ear headphones eliminate unnecessary echoes without losing track of one’s ambiance. 

AKG Y600NC Headphone
AKG Y600NC Headphone

With the supporting AKG app, one can fully customize the equalizer settings and select the ambiance awareness level. The product is lauded as having the capacity to deliver 25-hours of playback. Its fast charging technology allows an extra 4-hour listening experience as well.

The lightweight models are available in black, gold, and silver color variants. It is priced at £199 (INR 19,021).

Y400 – The lightweight foldable headphones

Y400, the mini foldable headphones come with automatic play and pause features. When users remove their headphones, intelligent technology automatically pauses the music and resumes them once they are worn back over the ears. 

AKG Y400 Headphone
AKG Y400 Headphone

The product boasts of a 20hr battery performance coupled with speed charging. Talk thru technology and ambient awareness is designed in this model as well. 

It is available for £109 (INR 10,419). The super-lightweight model arrives in a range of colors like black, green, blue, pink, and rose gold. 


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