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YouTube set to reduce its recommendations on Hindi videos that intend to spread misinformation. The plan will be implemented in India by this quarter and can be seen in the light of the company’s efforts to curb conspiracy theories and misinformation. 

In an emailed statement given to Gadgets360, the company’s Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan said that the video-sharing platform had already started its efforts to bring down borderline content in English and is now making plans to launch its Hindi support. 

Borderline content indicates video recommendations that tend to misinform viewers in harmful ways. Videos claiming the earth is flat or those making false claims about incidents like 9/11 fall under this category. This type of content does not necessarily breach Youtube policies but comes close to the edge of the violation. 

Efforts to reduce misinformation

The misinformation regulation was initiated by the company earlier last year. Starting with the US, it gradually extended its scope to Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. The regulation also was initiated in non-English languages. 

Language seems to be the major hurdle in regulating misinformation in India where videos are made in different regional languages. However, Neal stated that the company’s content-rating team is already covering many languages across the country.

Also, Neal told that YouTube had revamped its recommendation algorithms over the last year and had made over 30 changes to reduce harmful content. The company claimed that in India it had taken down over 8,20,000 videos between January and March that were not according to its community guidelines.

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